Wu Zongxian’s eldest daughter revealed the cost of the wedding by the woman!What did father say when he found out

Sandy, the eldest daughter of wu Zongxian, is planning her wedding to her boyfriend, who is not a member of the CEO circle, on Saturday (29).In this regard, she attended an event yesterday (24) again explained the reason for the burden on the wife, and her father learned that did not say much.Ms Wu’s wedding was held at the mandarin Oriental, a five-star hotel, for 400 guests.”I forgot to ask, who is going to pay for the wedding? Us or the groom?””, she answered is the burden of the wife, the reason is that his classmates in the United States are married by the wife, “I am also very natural to do so, in Taiwan may be the man out or together? But he can pay more, he is very clear about these details, he has to do!Unexpectedly, after the news was exposed, netizens wondered why the woman should bear the burden, and joked that Wu was too rich and the man was married.In this regard, Wu Shanru attended the premiere of “Zhuge Silang – Hero’s Hero” yesterday and added, “In the United States, originally, the bride pays, and later life is the groom pays, which is a logic and a culture”. She is very used to this thing, and all of her classmates get married, so Wu zongxian did not say anything more.I didn’t realize that in Taiwan, it might be the husband’s contribution or the joint burden.But Wu stressed that her husband-to-be still put a lot of effort into the wedding. “I think he is very, very aware of the etiquette and customs. He has done everything he needs to do.”Has, in fact, she revealed, the designer boyfriend both of their own small mouth invitations, the style of the cartoon style, two cartoon portrait above picture, she immediately gave dad Jacky wu, the other is PO immediately online sharing, to write “cry! Yes! In his hand, and is ~ ~ wedding invitations” also riffs on the wedding day and want to cry again.

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