Talk about marriage with boyfriend collapse, about the New Year back to the problem of whose home, programmers say so

Speaking, let a person gasp, a programmer so regrets what had happened to her: marry boyfriend to breakdown, on New Year’s day back to their house, he said back to their homes, but I think in the face of all kinds of friends asked me why married a person back, oneself also can let parents not only have no face, and I also want to conceive, and bear children after back, children how to do?He thought I was demanding too much of him, and I thought he was very selfish and didn’t treat me as a family. When two people quarreled and broke up, I really couldn’t swallow this breath. Whose problem was bigger?Soon, this topic attracted a lot of programmers onlookers, have expressed their views: not, such a man has a girlfriend, I in the end lost in which.Let me explain, male thought: I am afraid of trouble, just want to be simple, if you make me feel comfortable and things are less trouble, we can have a happy life, if things are so much, I am sorry, I do not love you so much, I do not intend to marry you so much trouble, with others, do not know.I am a girl, I feel very comfortable if we can go back home for the New Year, but I do not deny that there must be some problems in such communication.Traditional culture is to return home on the second day.Your boyfriend is just looking for an excuse to break up with you, and you want to marry a guy like that?.”Who’s the big problem?” is not trying to solve the problem, but to ask netizens to help analyze how to dump the pot on each other.It’s only human that you’re causing him trouble.He doesn’t love you.It is a traditional custom to go back to your parents’ home on the second day of the first day.My husband said home before she got married, I don’t agree with, then had a quarrel, after marriage, he must I go home together with him, when they have children, I said back to their homes, he did not agree, I will take their children back to his home, he don’t in your home after ran my house, and now says said back to their homes.I wonder why I’m so reasonable.When I told my parents, I agreed with my parents to take turns, now they are the only child, who are reluctant to give up.Take turns. The girl doesn’t want to spend more time at her house.Not even the second year?Too much.Each looking for his own mother.There’s something wrong with your boyfriend.Isn’t it normal to take turns?It’s not a good idea to get married and go home.It seems that you girls like to argue about who has the biggest problem, but your boyfriend is a bit like me. Maybe he doesn’t want to get married at all. It’s a personality problem.Suggest to have the opportunity to communicate more, if not appropriate as soon as possible.Turn around and marry me, piss him off.Guys like that have girlfriends.It’s not good. Why bother?.You’re not right for each other.Okay, so there’s something wrong with you, and you should listen to him, okay?.I wish we could all go home.You have to break up, and you have to go with me.Why don’t we all go home.Through the analysis of the comments of the netizens, we summed up the views of the netizens and summarized a cloud map.What do you think about this question? You are welcome to post your views in the comments section.

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