Start spring tomorrow, no matter how busy you are, don’t forget to eat “six one”. Eat in season to lay a good foundation for the beginning of spring

Unlike previous years, the start of Spring falls during the Spring Festival.A year’s plan starts in spring. After a winter of energy accumulation and storage, all kinds of creatures in nature are ready to go, which is the transition period of energy release, so people’s diet structure also needs to make some adjustments.Here are 6 recommended dishes, soup and fruit for the start of Spring.Fresh, delicious and nutritious, these 6 seasonal delicacies will help you ease into spring and smoothly pass through the seasons.The first dish: leek leek is also called “Yang grass”, is the first spring vegetables, high nutritional value, eating leek has a lot of benefits to the body, help to relieve spring sleepy, appetite.Especially in early spring, the weather changes capriciously, might as well eat some spring allium to dispel Yin and scatter cold.Common practices are leek pork dumplings, leek fried eggs, leek fried bean sprouts and so on.Leek egg cake: leek right amount, flour right amount, eggs 2, 1 teaspoon of salt, thirteen incense a little: 1, the leek cut off the root after washing, cut into 1 cm long section;2, flour into the egg, add the right amount of water, water do not add all at once, after adding flour to make adjustments, until stirred into a paste, can slowly drop after lifting;3, pour the leek into the mixed egg paste and stir evenly, put the right amount of salt and thirteen incense to taste.4, put a small amount of oil in the pan, pour the right amount of batter spread out, slowly fry with low heat;5, until the surface of the egg does not flow, then turn over, fry on both sides until golden brown, out of the pot can be cut.Bean sprouts were called “growing” by ancient people. Eating more bean sprouts in spring can help the human body change from storing in winter to growing in spring. It is a good helper for nourishing, moistening and dryness, clearing away heat and detoxifying.Common bean sprouts are yellow bean sprouts and mung bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts taste more crisp, used for cold is a good choice, refreshing and delicious crisp, fragrance greasy solution.Fresh bean sprouts: appropriate amount of bean sprouts, onion and garlic, 2 tablespoons of chili oil, light soy sauce 1 tablespoon, vinegar 1 tablespoon, salt spoon, sugar 1 tablespoon: 1, boil water in the pot, add bean sprouts after boiling water, hot for a minute to remove the water and dry;Pour the chopped garlic and chopped scallions into a small bowl. Add the vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil, salt and sugar, and stir well.3. Pour the sauce over the bean sprouts and stir them evenly.Honey is a nutrient-rich natural nourishing food that can quickly replenish energy and keep fatigue away, especially in spring.Spring climate is changeable, cold and warm, people are easy to catch a cold, drink some honey water can dry throat, enhance human immunity.Honey is best used at about 60℃ of warm water, boiling water will destroy the nutrition in honey, can also be pressed together with fruit juice, sweet taste.The first complement: wolfberry and wolfberry is one of the first choice.Wolfberry is sweet and smooth, fruits and vegetables, medicine and food homology, its wolfberry polysaccharide, polyphenols and other nutrients are rich, the beginning of Spring often eat can help regulate the body’s immunity.Usually can dry chewing wolfberry, also can use wolfberry bubble water to drink, but also with other food soup to drink.The first soup: Chinese wolfberry leaves egg drop soup to drink some spring light soup, soup with Chinese wolfberry leaves is a good choice, simple quickly and nutritious, cooperate the ingredients such as lean meat, eggs, soup, water rolling boil for 10 minutes is OK, very [sweet soup, drink very comfortable, can thirst quenching, clear liver bright eye, good aftercare signaled for spring, children, older people are appropriate.: wolfberry leaf amount, egg 1, lean meat 100 grams, wolfberry amount, oyster sauce a little, salt, starch 1 teaspoon: 1, wolfberry leaves off the leaves, rinse clean with water.There are thorns on the wolfberry branches, be careful to be pricked.2, wash lean pork and cut chips, with starch, oyster sauce, white pepper and shredded ginger for 20 minutes, 3 pot add water to boil and cook meat to change color, add the Chinese wolfberry leaves and Chinese wolfberry, 4, and let the soup boil again boiling condition, into an egg, a quick stir with chopsticks, egg flower coagulation, add a little salt to taste.First fruit: strawberries strawberry belongs to the fruits of spring, women and children all like to eat, fresh ruddy strawberry look attractive, not only taste is sweet, juicy, sweet and delicious, it contains rich vitamin C, is known as the “fruit empress”, early spring people something tend to be more strong, can eat strawberry, nourishing the liver and can go to something, especially suitable for spring health food.

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