Nothing can stand in the way

Close, closer, the footsteps of Yin tiger year of Ren came.Nothing can stop the first ray of sunshine of the Lunar New Year;Nothing can stop the Chinese people’s yearning for stability and happiness.China’s economy in the year of the ox away to hand over a beautiful answer: National Bureau of Statistics data show that the preliminary calculation, 2021 gross domestic product growth of 8.1% over the previous year, our country economy reached 110 trillion yuan, according to the annual average exchange rates, up to $17.7 trillion, ranks second in the world, accounting for the proportion of the global economy is expected to exceed 18%;Per capita GDP was 80,976 yuan, which reached 12,551 us dollars at the annual average exchange rate, exceeding 12,000 US dollars.This means that the 14th Five-Year Plan has got off to a good start, with China’s achievements in economic development and epidemic prevention and control remaining the world’s leaders despite repeated ups and downs of the epidemic and accelerating changes in the past century.The jubilant figures reflect the long-term sound fundamentals of China’s economy.The steaming numbers reflect the warmth of the people’s livelihood, which is a solemn tribute to the fading years and the best blessing for the coming New Year.”56789″, private economy has been deeply integrated into the sea of China’s economy.In 2022, the external environment will become more complex, grim and uncertain, and China’s economic development will face the triple pressure of shrinking demand, supply shock and weakening expectations.No matter how the international landscape may change, we must remain committed to running our own affairs well, give top priority to ensuring stability, make progress while maintaining stability, and promote high-quality development.We should not only face up to difficulties, but also strengthen our confidence.We can see that in the platform economy and education and training fields where private enterprises are concentrated, the majority of private enterprises are actively transforming. Regulating the platform economy is related to high-quality development, and creating a healthy and sustainable education ecology is related to national development. From the current and long-term perspective,We will create a fairer and better development environment for all market entities, including private enterprises.In the new journey of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, the private economy will surely step into a broader stage.We should not only face up to difficulties, but also strengthen our confidence.We have seen that the government is continuing to implement new tax and fee cuts for market entities to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses ease their burden and improve their development.We are stepping up financing support for the real economy and encouraging micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to increase, expand financing coverage and cut prices.We are deepening reform in key areas to energize the market and boost the internal driving force for development, and use market-based mechanisms to encourage enterprises to invest in innovation.We are improving the environment for private economic development and protecting the property rights and legitimate rights and interests of various market entities in accordance with the law…The enterprise that complies with “time” and “trend” will understand the survival of the fittest better.Through the baptism of the market enterprises will become more powerful.We should not only face up to difficulties, but also strengthen our confidence.We can see that some private enterprises are gradually replacing the industries they are engaged in, some lack of development due to lack of innovation ability, and some are not perfect in their own governance. However, at the same time, 34 private enterprises in high-end manufacturing are listed in the 2021 China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises list.There are 31 mainland private companies among the world’s top 500…Forge ahead, never say die entrepreneurial spirit will encourage private economy to emerge more tide makers.Vegetation tendri hair, spring mountain is expected.I wish everyone who can or cannot go home because of the epidemic or mission. May your faces be filled with bright smiles and happiness.Bless every effort to run, may the light of struggle in your eyes, always sincere, always full of strength;Bless the great motherland, always beautiful mountains and rivers, grain fragrance, eternal peace and prosperity, and shun cheng Xiang.Closer, closer, Chinese “tiger” is coming, “ice dun Dun” “snow Rong Rong” is also coming.Firecrackers, let us say good harvest, reunion, huhu Shengwei, together to the future.(Managing Editor Yan Hao)

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