The new Fidelity Lexus ES300h is flying off the shelves in stores

Fidelity Lexus invites you to join us for the Lantern Festival!Lexus’ new ES sedan arrives in stores and is selling like hot cakes!Financial car purchase enjoy 20% down payment, low interest or a variety of financial programs!A piece of id card can have!Enjoy 6 years / 150 thousand or 4 years 100 thousand kilometers free warranty maintenance!!Special line: 0371-55500060;Care gift — medical staff or anti-epidemic volunteer certification personnel into the shop to buy a car to enjoy 6888 perfect delivery gift package;Invitation ceremony — invited into the store to enjoy the Lantern Festival gift box;Test drive: You can choose one of two healthy fat scales/juicer when you enter the store for test drive.Car booking gift — you can participate in drawing lots to enjoy luxury gift (cash red envelope, boutique gift bag, beauty gift bag) introduction gift — old customers introduce new customers to buy a car to enjoy a Lexus bicycle.Address: Henan Auto Trade Center (Exit B of Jinda Road Station of Metro Line 2), 1km north to the intersection of Huayuan North Road and Lianhuo Expressway, Zhengzhou city, From February 10, 2022 to February 11, 2022

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