The lakers’ former player is no longer for sale, and he’s being traded for six months

It’s not just the Knicks, but the Wizards, that the NBA now wants to sell.Of course, slightly different from the Knicks’ willingness to trade any player, the Wizards are not willing to trade Beal and Kuzma.Kuzma rediscovered his value after being traded by the Lakers.Kuzma’s current value is illustrated by reports in the U.S. media that three different sources revealed this week that he is not for sale with the Wizards.Last August, Kuzma was traded to the Wizards for Westbrook as a package by the Lakers. The Lakers formed a trio of Westbrook, James and Davis, with Kuzma, Pope and Harrell joining the Wizards.At the time, many thought it was a good opportunity for Kuzma, who had played well with the Lakers in the past and had been praised by Kevin Durant, only to see his performance decline after Davis and Vogel joined the team.Kuzma has gotten more opportunities with the Wizards this season, and his play has begun to improve.So far this season, he’s averaging 16.1 points, 8.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists.Especially in recent period of time, Kuzma in the offensive end of the play is very prominent.Given that the Wizards don’t have a standout new star, beal is off for the surgically adjusted season, so in addition to beal being unavailable and unwilling to be traded, kuzma, 26, has been re-recognized.Of course, Kuzma hasn’t reached his best yet, and he’s only been playing as a rookie this season.But as he starts to find his groove, kuzma could be even better if the Wizards give him more opportunities, especially with Beal out for the season and targeting him offensively.

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