Photos of Tang Yan, a young actress who attended the Closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, have been uncovered.

Tang performed at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics.Tiffany tang plays in the TV series “haeundae” yan “Xiao Yanyan” one horn, play to the elderly, from the girl let her from sigh is one of the largest a play age span, the recent Beijing winter Olympic fever, tiffany tang wear qipao in 2004 the erhu to attend the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games video was dug out, she was a girl in the photo, handsome the wind side.In “Yan Yuntai”, Tang Yan plays “Xiao Yanyan”, the third daughter of Liao Prime Minister Xiao Siwen. She is intelligent, courageous and resourceful, and she is also known as the “Queen Mother Xiao” in history. In the drama, she is in love with Han Dering (Played by Dou Xiao), but she cannot defeat the test of The Times, and her feelings are troubled.Tang Yan took the drama super seriously, she said, as soon as she knew to perform “Yan Yuntai”, she quickly bought the original novel to see, the novel is super thick four books, she day and night fierce K, not a few days to finish reading, the scene of the drama was also found in the hands of the script full of highlighter notes, the staff said she is outstanding student actor.In “Yan Yuntai”, Tang Yan from a young girl to an old age, have to guess their own life through the heart of the course, she said, this really can only rely on their own to figure out the fantasy, do not know if their old looking back is also such a mood.When performing “Yan Yuntai”, Tang Yan likes to wear jewelry with costumes most. Gorgeous jewelry makes people stare, so she really wants to ask the crew to see if it can be brought home to collect.The drama went to Inner Mongolia grassland scenery, the weather suddenly changed, the temperature difference between day and night, the actors suffer unsufferable, did not take the drama to see the extras fell into a piece, seeing the hard work of the cast, Tang Yan in the closing, also comfort staff each a big red envelope, was praised “good people”.Tang studied the script while filming Yan Yuntai.Tang Yan and Han Degrang starred in “Yan Yuntai”, two people in the drama love road difficult.Tang Yan (center) has a sisterly relationship with Sheh Sheman (right) and Lu Shan in “Yan Yuntai”.Tang Yan plays empress Dowager Xiao in Yan Yuntai.

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