Hengyang City Nanyue District Wanfu primary school: “not the same” Qingming Festival

Once a year and clear.This year’s Qingming festival has become “special” because of the epidemic.In order to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work during qingming festival, to achieve the “joint anti-epidemic, civilized Qingming festival”, Hengyang City Nanyue District Wanfu primary school organized “tribute, memory, forward” qingming Festival series theme activities.The Moral Education Department organized the Young Pioneers to actively participate in the Qingming Festival martyrs cloud memorial activities, they offered flowers, messages and other online worship special ways to pay homage to the martyrs, express gratitude and respect for the martyrs and determination to strive hard.Home epidemic prevention does not stop school, five education simultaneously promote development.Tomb-sweeping day in April 2 solstice 5, epidemic prevention and control work, care students approached the revolutionary story (12), “poetic” qingming festival (three or four grade), making the heroic deeds of the reading CARDS (six years) variety of forms such as immersion taste qingming pregnant so the roots of cultural essence, understand the heroic deeds of martyrs, grounding red gene.In order to let students at home to conduct self-management, to ensure that physical exercise, subject learning is not wrong, the guidance office to students at home to give specific guidance and suggestions.In addition to the completion of the work practice homework, but also according to the “People’s Daily” recommended “grade 1-6 classic reading bibliography” and the teacher recommended the required reading bibliography for extracurricular reading, reading every day.In spare time, do not leave Yue (Southern Yue district) under the premise of parents to the outskirts of the walk, feel the beautiful countryside in April different scenery.Special period, “not the same” qingming, the same sincere memory.Civilization, concentric anti-epidemic, peace qingming.(Moon Lih-hyun)

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