Zhumadian City Yicheng district party secretary Bi Qimin in-depth supervision investigation area safety production work

April 2 morning, Zhumadian City Yicheng District Party secretary Bi Qimin, deputy district chief Rui Sai, Zhang director led the emergency, business, fire departments responsible for comrades, inspection and supervision of Xinhua district safety production hidden trouble centralized investigation month activities carried out.In the research, Bi Qimin stressed that work safety is related to people’s lives and property safety and social harmony and stability, we must pay close attention to it.Relevant units should grasp the key points, pay close attention to crowded places, flammable and explosive places, “three-in-one” and “multi-in-one” places and other key parts, focus on illegal buildings, electrical lines and other key links, carry out dragnet investigation, bottom-up rectification, iron fist shutdown, iron governance, resolutely prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.Feng Lei, head of Yicheng District, investigated the work of epidemic prevention and control service stations of railway stations in Xinhua district, the check-in and registration of hotel staff, and the setting and control of epidemic card points in the community.He stressed the need to strengthen entry and exit control, continue to do a good job of publicity and guidance, and strictly implement measures such as wearing masks, temperature and code testing, ventilation and disinfection, and “one meter noodles,” to remind the public to strengthen self-protection awareness and capacity, and make every effort to build a solid defense line of epidemic prevention and control.(Li Li, Hu Xiaomin, China, Correspondent Chang Yunshu, Zhang Xu)

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