You are concerned about these “yellow code” problem, the authority to answer!

On March 12, Kunming COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the municipal Headquarters) issued a notice on the Implementation of free nucleic acid screening for Certain Groups of people with “Yellow codes”, deciding to assign “yellow codes” to those who have stayed in the activity area of cases and carry out free nucleic acid screening.According to the survey, the public is generally supportive of the quarantine measures, and they also want to know more about the specific measures related to the code-changing.On March 13, the reporter learned from the Kunming headquarters that the hotline 12345 received more than 4,000 inquiries from citizens.In view of the hot questions of citizens, the relevant staff of the city headquarters will answer them.1. Q: After receiving the SMS and completing nucleic acid twice before, is it necessary to take nucleic acid test again after receiving the SMS again?A: If the nucleic acid test is conducted before 22:00 on March 9, the nucleic acid test should be completed twice within 3 days at a nearby free nucleic acid testing site (the interval should be more than 24 hours) according to the requirements of SMS.If the test was performed after 2200 hours on 9 March, no further nucleic acid test is required.2. Q: The interval between nucleic acid and nucleic acid is required to be 24 hours. Is it the time of the result or the time of the test?A: Depending on the test time, you can check the nucleic acid test time and results in Yunnan Health Code.3. Q: I received the message that the code would change to yellow, but it still changes to green after refreshing the “health code” for several times. Is it a wrong message?A: Similar situations do not belong to sending wrong messages.There will be a delay between receiving the prompt message and the health code “yellow code”, please wait patiently.After “yellow code”, nucleic acid detection should be carried out timely and nearby to do a good job in personal health monitoring.4. Q: Do citizens who receive the SMS need to go to the same testing site twice for nucleic acid, or can they go to different testing sites?A: You can choose different monitoring points, but try to detect at the same monitoring point.5. Q: Do citizens in containment and control areas need to take nucleic acid tests after receiving SMS messages?A: No.Nucleic acid testing of citizens in the containment and control areas shall be carried out in accordance with the containment and control requirements of the communities in which they are located, and they do not need to go there by themselves.6. Q: After some citizens received SMS messages and reported to the community, the community required them to stay at home for three days, and the units asking for leave required them to show relevant red documents.A: Citizens who receive SMS messages should monitor their own health and do not need to stay at home.Complete nucleic acid testing twice within 3 days at a nearby free nucleic acid testing site (the interval should be more than 24 hours). Before completion, it is recommended to reduce contact with others, try to live independently, and do not participate in gathering activities. Please explain to the unit.Epidemic prevention is everyone’s responsibility, and all units should actively support it.7. Q: The student has been in school all the time and received a stream text message. Do I need to take a nucleic acid test?A: Yes.If you receive the SMS message indicating that there are COVID-19 infected persons in the area, please complete the nucleic acid test twice within 3 days (the interval should be greater than 24 hours).8. Q: Why is it that your mobile phone is never carried out and you receive stream text messages?A: If you receive the SMS, it indicates that there are COVID-19 infected people in the area. Please complete two nucleic acid tests within three days (the interval should be greater than 24 hours).9. Q: What should I do if I am already in another province and receive a stream message?A: If you have left Kunming, please report to your local community immediately and take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours.10. Q: Currently I am at home because of illness and cannot go out, but I have received a stream message. How do I complete the nucleic acid test?A: If you are at home and unable to go out, please contact your community or street or call 0871-12345 for help.Q: Can the citizens who receive the SMS leave Kunming now? What are the requirements for leaving kunming?A: You are advised not to leave Kunming for the time being and to take nucleic acid tests twice within 3 days (the interval should be more than 24 hours) at a nearby free nucleic acid testing site according to the SMS.If the test result is negative, the health code will return to green code before departure.12. Q: Apart from the five districts in the main city, are there any free nucleic acid testing sites in other counties or cities?A: All counties (county-level cities) and districts have set up free nucleic acid testing sites for qualified personnel.Specific information is as follows: Dongchuan District: Fever Clinic of the Second Department in the Old Hospital area of Dongchuan District People’s Hospital (No. 36 Tuanjie Road, Dongchuan District);Jinning District: Jinning District People’s Hospital (No. 36 juqiao Road, Kunyang Street, Jinning District)Anning: Lianran Hospital of The First People’s Hospital of Anning, Jinfang Hospital of the First People’s Hospital of AnningSongming County: Songsi Highway and Huanglong Street intersection (in the parking lot diagonally opposite songming County People’s Hospital);Fumin County: Kunming Jielia Hospital (33 Huancheng South Road, Fumin County);Yiliang County: Yiliang County Second People’s Hospital (No. 2 Kunshi Road, Yiliang County);Shilin County: Shilin County People’s Hospital (Shishan Road, Lufu Sub-district Office, Shilin Yi Autonomous County);Xundian County Center for Disease Control and Prevention (No. 8, Pingjiang Road, Rende Street, Xundian County);Luquan County: Pingshan Sub-district Office Jiuxian Community Residents Committee, No. 25, Miyuhe East Road;Economic development zone: Guest room in Sanwa Village of Gaopo Community, Small Gaopo Community Guest Hall, Jinma Village Guest Hall, People’s Hospital of Economic Development Zone, Luo Yang Health Center;Yang Zonghai: Qidian township health center (No. 11, Shao Yunnan Road).Kunming city headquarters reminded: Recently, the domestic epidemic occurred frequently, Kunming city is also facing the severe test of the Omicron epidemic, please receive prompt text messages and health code yellow citizens friends immediately to take free nucleic acid test nearby.Citizens are urged to be “the first person responsible for their own health”, cooperate with code scanning, temperature measurement, track screening and other prevention and control measures, wear masks in a scientific way, do not gather, maintain a 1-meter safe social distance, and do not believe, spread or spread rumors.Yunnan net reporter Party Xiaopei Yu Hong

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