The funeral industry should not be sidelined by escorting life to a dignified exit

The funeral industry is a relatively closed and conservative industry, but it has been quietly changing in recent years. One of the obvious changes is that a group of post-00s secondary school students and college students are “pouring” into this industry.Despite this, the funeral industry remains on the fringes of society because of prejudices and the peculiarities of its market.(Southern Weekend, April 5) It is undeniable that there is a fear of death in people’s subconscious. Driven by this psychology, we also avoid all things related to death. Coffin, urn, cemetery, wreaths, mourning music, funeral vehicles and other funeral articles are all things that people do not like to see.It is inevitable that morticians will be shunned.The funeral service industry is a special service industry, especially because all the service industries serve the living directly, but the direct object of the funeral service is the dead, its indirect object of service is the living. Therefore, the funeral service industry has dual services, so that the dead can rest and the living can comfort.For a long time, the industry has been shrouded in mystery, with consumers complaining of “excessive profits”;Some people think this industry “unlucky”, stay away.Due to the particularity of funeral industry and funeral work, the society has a preconceived and negative stereotype on the funeral industry and its employees, which will undoubtedly make the industry into a personnel operation dilemma.Nearly 10 million people die in China every year, and there are five colleges and universities and three technical secondary schools offering funeral services. These eight colleges and universities will train more than 1,100 graduates in 2021, while the annual industry gap is 20,000.”One reason is that parents, especially female parents, still have concerns about the major.Another reason is that this is about the number of students the faculty can support right now.”The contradiction between supply and demand of talents in the funeral industry is more or less influenced by traditional ideas. In modern society, there are still many people who look at the funeral industry with colored glasses. How can we let the industry out of the dark corner?In view of the prejudice and discrimination of the society against the funeral industry, funeral workers should enhance their own quality, win the trust of the people with high standards of service, and then change the social view of the funeral industry;In view of the shortage of teachers and students in this industry, colleges and secondary schools should cultivate and attract enough funeral teachers, expand enrollment appropriately, and relax the restriction on the number of students in a single major.At the end of last year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly issued five national vocational skills standards for the funeral service industry.At the national level, the funeral and interment related professional skills standards are re-issued, which reflects the country’s emphasis on the funeral and interment work, improves the entry threshold of the funeral and interment industry, broadens the development path of the funeral and interment industry, and enhances the development space of the funeral and interment profession.Young people, such as the post-00s generation, who grew up in the Internet era, will eventually become the main force of the funeral service industry, which will be more standardized, civilized and diversified.Like the angels in white who greet the birth of life, morticians deserve the respect of society because they escort life to a civilized and dignified exit.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address:

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