Spring Festival is open!Stick to the position of heating so that citizens warm Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is a time for reunion, but for the thermal people, they have to give up the time to reunite with their families and shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the warmth of the residents without hesitation.In order to ensure that people in the whole city spend the Spring Festival warm, the city urban Management Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau carefully arranged, hengshui Hengtong Heating Company staff stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, effectively improve the quality of service, to do a good job of heating work.Staff at the dispatch center of Hengtong Heating Company pay close attention to their computers and carefully record the change of each value to see if there is anything unusual.”My home is in cangzhou, although this year the Spring Festival on duty cannot return home celebrate the Spring Festival, children and parents together, but as a heating, can bear responsibility, with colleagues to ensure the urban heating, let people feel” and “warm” and “warm heart”, to function in the ordinary post heat and light, let me feel very proud and proud.”Chief dispatch center employee Han Xue said.Han is a scheduling has ten years experience, her job is to monitor various numerical at ordinary times, as the name implies, dispatching center downtown is “brain” of the entire heating service center, heating area of 20.3 million square meters, more than 20 families home heating operation parameters, all in the dispatch center computer real-time monitoring.Zheng Haichao is a pipeline inspector for a heating company. During the Spring Festival, the temperature of heating in people’s homes is particularly important. He and his teammates patrol the pipelines every day.A safety cone was installed around the tube well, and when the thermal manhole cover was opened on the road, a heat wave hit zheng, and a hair dryer blew away the heat. Zheng haichao used a gas detector to detect the oxygen content in the well, then put on a safety helmet and clothes to go down the well and went down the ladder under the protection of his “comrades”.The heat well with a depth of more than 1 meter was narrow and the pipes occupied most of the space. Zheng Haichao knocked the pipes with tools to listen for any abnormal sounds and accurately checked the potential safety risks of the pipelines.In addition to the control center and patrol personnel during the Spring Festival, hengtong heating power co., LTD., has carried on the comprehensive safety inspection maintenance, material preparation, open 24 hours service hotline, to protect users reflect the problem to be processed on time, in a highly social sense of responsibility and solid work style, adhering to the “hard I a warm thousands” of purpose,Spare no efforts to do a good job during the Spring Festival heating security work, to ensure that people spend a warm, happy, peaceful Spring Festival.Source: Hengshui News Network

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