It’s over 5 meters long, it comes with a 2.5T V6, you can buy it for 300,000, and the Highlander is no longer fragrant

The Highlander is the first thing that pops into most people’s minds when it comes to the topic of “more than 300,000 affordable 7-seater SUVs.”But there are plenty of good seven-seater SUVs to consider at this price point, such as Volkswagen’s new flagship SUV, the Range, due out in 2021.Volkswagen’s new flagship SUV, based on the MQB EVO, is closest to the Tuan in terms of blood, but goes in a different direction in terms of design.The new design language endows it with a more peaceful, delicate appearance, giving a person a very home in the visual overall, but also has a feeling of temperament can not be spoken.As for the interior, pull the environment also used a set of new design style, the design is very simple, but the digital is very prominent, full LCD touch screen and dashboard, it is to attract the eye, coupled with the multi-color atmosphere lamp throughout the car, the sense of science and technology directly pull full.In addition, in do sth. work with mastow respect also very exquisite, conveniently touch is soft coriaceous material, simple sense did not get to say.Since it is the flagship SUV, it must be the largest one, the length of the car is more than 5 meters, the wheelbase has also reached 2.98 meters, which foreshadows its large space, there is no need to worry about the size of its space.In terms of spatial layout, The company provides two versions of 6/7 seats to fully meet the needs of different families for space when using cars.From experience, without adjusting the two rows of seats, the third row space for an adult to appear a little crowded, but as long as the move the second row of seats on the position of the punch can get a more comfortable space, with USB charging port, beverage holder, air-conditioning outlet close small design, available for comfortableness highlights a word.When fully loaded, the seven-seater version still has plenty of room for three or four bulky suitcases and multiple backpacks.And after putting the 3rd row flat, can change enough to be the space that the bed uses again, plus panoramic big skylight, night lies to see a star, do not mention dopa is comfortable.In order to drive this “monster” operation, Volkswagen equipped tuan for the Environment “Big Heart” 2.0T (high and low power) and 2.5T two engines, matching the 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox, the former maximum power 186/220 HP, peak torque 320/350 NM;The latter has a maximum power of 299 HP and a peak torque of 500 NM. The four-wheel-drive model is equipped with a sixth-generation Borgwarner-Wind differential with a 4-Motion system.Edit summary from the static product performance, pull the environment’s comprehensive quality is still good, large space, mechanical hardware excellent, design is in line with the aesthetic of the people.However, to say it is the most attractive place also lies in the price, the official price of 299,9-399,900 yuan, plus now 20,000 to 30,000 yuan of concessions, landing 300,000 can win the largest Volkswagen SUV on the earth, the high cost performance is self-evident.In terms of users, pull this car is still very tempting, but also is really worth users to consider a car.

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