Infrastructure stocks picked up, 8 days 7 board, worthy of the leading

Affected by the withdrawal of Russian troops, European and American stock markets rose yesterday, and our A-share market today also appeared A comprehensive rise, the four major indexes are all red, the market inside and outside the jubilant.A full-scale counterattack plate, infrastructure class concept, one single building decoration plate, harden stocks reached 20, if combined with prefabricated construction, water conservancy, underground pipe network, etc., or harden up more than 10 points of individual stocks can be up to 30 or so, I yesterday and early warning of sincere honesty, equity and bond China sea stops are well sealed up.Among them, ZHEJIANG Jiantou, which I talked about in the public class video last Thursday, pulled out 7 boards in 8 days, which is worthy of the leader.Zhejiang Construction investment last Thursday C1, pulled out a then historical high volume, indicating that the head and foot of the pressure is very big, according to the general trend, the main force will certainly turn around wash dish, but why did I dare to optimistic about it?The main reasons are as follows: 1, board shows up.Although the stock on the day of release a large amount, but belongs to the resultant force plate of dragon 4 b, according to the theory of harden board, this is the main capital and approach of the flange on the afternoon of share consensus, do more a symbol of resultant force, behind it, is a big probability, fall is a small probability, which is shown up signal is very strong.Not to mention, it fits the “bazooka” element I just described last month!2. Strong structure.After b-pillar bottomed, DHS set up a bottoming wave and a relay wave, indicating that the stock price has established an upward trend.And it in the relay wave right inflection point formed a relatively concave bottom blue eyes, directly in the C-column began to start with the board, which shows that its bottom structure is very strong, after a strong counterattack market or will be launched at this point.3. Time sharing display.I once said: line on line, there will be shock.After the unit C pillar, the board is pulled to the main starting line 365 near the probability of concussion.But this oscillation, sometimes it’s timeshare, sometimes it’s diurnal.And it is very intense in the concussion, the whole day as high as 15.64%, until the end of the straight plate against the trend.That means it’s time-sharing oscillation.And the main wave of the stock, the basic is very ugly, the day line is very good, it will appear such a K form, that it may be in the main wave of the market.For these reasons, I was cautiously optimistic about its future in last Thursday’s video.And the result, it also does not live up to my high hopes, last Thursday after the continuous pull board to 6378 line, although as a result of huge pressure, yesterday’s limit was broken open, but today still high open high go seal limit.So strong, worthy of the dragon head is also!From the present point of view, the unit in the main rise of the starting line formed a dragon gun, in accordance with the board principle, the market should continue to rush high.But as it has risen too much recently, not only has it accumulated a lot of profits, but it is also facing regulatory pressure.So, if you haven’t intervened yet, just look, and if you have, get out as soon as stagflation or a u-turn occurs, thereby preserving your hard-won victory!The above analysis, purely personal review summary, not necessarily right, only as a theoretical discussion, not as a solid offer basis, according to the operation, profit and loss, veteran Shuaike will not be responsible for.

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