Huian journalists: play sonorous melody to write war “epidemic” chapter

In this war without smoke “epidemic”, there is a group of people on the retrograde, always maintain the attitude of the charge, they are not in the line, is on the way to the line, they are huian front-line news workers.In the face of the sudden new round of epidemic, they take the initiative to serve as hospitals, towns and villages (communities), nucleic acid testing sampling sites, traffic quarantine service stations, centralized medical observation sites…They are busy everywhere.Whether early in the morning or late at night, they are always busy on the front lines, with ordinary actions, to demonstrate the original mission of “remembering the world’s current affairs, spread justice will”.In order to ensure the timeliness of news, they wrote articles, sorted out photos and uploaded materials immediately after returning to work.”Huian Express” public number article editor, “Huian Express +” short video production, Huian TV news clips, “Huian Township news” newspaper layout content writing……Hui ‘an County rong media center front-line journalists, together in times of difficulty, “Hui ‘an Express” editor rigorous meticulous, excellence whether fighting in the front line reporters, or stick to the post of the editor, shoulder responsibility, to perform the war “epidemic” responsibility.They have strengthened publicity and spread knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, written touching stories on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control, and created a good atmosphere of strengthening confidence, gathering people’s hearts, warming people’s hearts, and forging unity. They have gone to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, captured the most beautiful moments with cameras, and written touching stories with pens and keyboards.The party members and cadres in front of the charge, the responsibility of the report, the medical staff in white for armor, the story of the struggle to spread out, the volunteer team selfless dedication, warm heart service of the touching story of propaganda out……With all media works to tell the real story, transfer touching warmth, perhaps, their hands of the pen and lens will always be on others, no time and do not want to tell their own story, but we should not forget these busy figure, pay tribute to each fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, Huian news workers.

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