“American” Alameda Corridor project delays for years residents complain “Rowland Heights Council” to complain

Rowland Heights news:On the evening of Monday, February 14th, the Rowland Heights Coordinating Council held an online meeting,Discuss the Progress report on Alameda Corridor East (ACE) Fullerton Rd to help affected residents in the vicinity keep abreast of the latest construction plans.Maria Cano, director of Alameda Corridor East (ACE, Alameda Corridor East) and Eric Shen You, chief Engineer, were invited to explain the progress of the project.Fullerton Rd. And Fairway Dr, two major north-south roads in Rowland, have been cut off for three years and delayed by replacement contractors, causing more than traffic jams to the community, according to Chen Zhengzhi, school board of Rowland School District.Cary Chen, school Board of Rowland Unified School District, took over as chairman of the RHCCC Residents’ Council of Rowland Heights in January 2022.He said the long delay in construction had resulted in the closure of countless businesses, the loss of jobs, and the residents’ patience was at its limit.So, on behalf of the Rowland Heights Council, he asked the project manager to come to the Rowland Heights Council every month to give a progress report.It is therefore the responsibility of those involved in street lighting, roads, shopping malls, signage shops, transportation, etc. to represent Rowland Heights to the county government.Mr. Xiao Wei Fang, lawyer.The Fullerton and Gale railway tri-dimensional scheme caused serious traffic congestion at the intersection of Fullerton and Gale.This project has been delayed for four years and the original contractor cancelled the contract. How to investigate the legal responsibility?How to compensate for the financial loss caused by the parking problem and traffic jam.He said that for the location at Fullerton Street and Gale Street junction, which was a central part of the Chinese community in Hargon, Lorangorn walnut and Industrial City, the original contractor terminated the contract at the end of last year, causing a delay of four years in the completion of the works;Now a new contractor will continue the project, and a Committee composed of 36 cities in LA County will guide and supervise the progress of the project. (Hagon and Rowland Heights are unestablished cities represented by the County government, which seems inferior.) The original contractor did a very poor project, but now the contractor has been replaced.The new contractor was represented by the county Engineering Team, chief Engineer Eric Lee, whose report was positive and he expects Fullerton and Gale to be completed by the end of this year and the full project to be completed by 2024.Engineering team personnel is not the expert of legal respect, actually the delay of the project, then break the contract have legal responsibility or how should compensate?That’s a problem;There should also be a full report on the issue of whether or not government personnel have been negligent in their breach of duty.Project logo for the Alameda East Corridor Project.Lawyer Qian Meizhen pointed out that the United States is famous for its construction delays, and it is incomprehensible and unacceptable that it has not completed a single level crossing project in four years.Now the whole project still needs 2-3 years to complete, how is the contract signed?If the contract is not completed on time what are the penalty conditions, how the government to monitor and cooperate with the new contractor to do, this is the focus we should observe.

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