Wu Lei Wu Xi eliminated, naturalized to leave a person, Dai Weijun led with 8 young players, youth version of the national football team attack

At present, all members of the Chinese men’s football team are quarantined in the star hotel, during which the head coach Li Xiaopeng will lead the team to continue training and preparation.After all, The national football Team still has two matches to play in the round of 12 of the World Cup. Even if the team cannot qualify for the World Cup, the last two matches are especially valuable for the National football team under such a severe situation of the epidemic.Through these two high-level international competitions, Li Xiaopeng can better understand the technical characteristics of each player, so as to complete the replacement of the national football team in the follow-up.In view of this matter, the Football association in the recent period of time is also urgent for the National football team, called up 10 young potential players.Most of them are from 1997 or later. The oldest is Liao Lisheng from Guangzhou, who is now 29.So at this moment, the FOOTBALL association can make such a behavior, obviously li Xiaopeng and Chen Xuyuan decided to discuss together.And their purpose is also very obvious, is for the renewal of the National football team.Leading Chinese media outlets such as The Football Daily have also written an article on the matter, which presumably means that the young player will be selected for the remaining round of 12 matches.Then adhering to the principle of updating the National football team, to analyze the team’s future lineup, the current main force can only be left jiang Guangtai one person.On the one hand, Jiang guangtai’s age meets the standard and he can still represent the National team in the future.On the other hand, his defensive ability is outstanding in the National football team.As for the rest of the naturalized players, luo Guofu, Akerson and Alan, by the time the World Cup comes four years from now, they have become veterans of the football field, and if they continue to play in the tournament, the exit of the National team is likely to happen again.Similarly, wu Xi, Wu Lei, Zhang Xizhe, Yan Junling and even Zhang Linpeng will gradually fade out of the national team due to their age and condition.And can successfully replace their players in a lot of people, the first goalkeeper position should not forget in bayern echelon, there is a Chinese young liu Shaoziyang.As for the forward and forward line, Dai Weijun, Yan Dinghao, Zhang Tianyi are very good seedlings.After all, they have received the concept of European football since childhood, as long as they can get the right training in the future, they are fully equipped to carry the flag of Chinese men’s football.A word to sum up the future of the National football team lineup is, Wu Lei Wu Xi eliminated, naturalized to leave a person, Dai Weijun led with 8 small players, youth version of the national football team attack.Fellow fans, what do you think about this?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section!

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