The perpetrator refused to admit to escape, this “battle of hearts” how to fight

In the opinion of Li Xuejun, prosecutor of Fancheng District Procuratorate of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, “the more challenging the work, the more we should seize the opportunity to learn”.The growth in the work is by no means achieved overnight, but accumulated through dealing with one case after another.In a recent traffic accident case, faced with the suspect’s false confession for many times, she went deep and extracted the details, guided the investigation and evidence collection, exposed the lies with the evidence, and urged the suspect to confess.One night in July 2021, police were called to the scene after an elderly man was lying on the side of the road, injured and attracting the attention of passers-by.The injured old man died on the same day after invalid rescue.Who is the perpetrator?The police in the transfer of monitoring and listen to the witness of passers-by, quickly locked the suspect Cheng, the next day at zero o ‘clock xu will be arrested, and found the vehicle.From 2 a.m. blood test, five hours after the incident, cheng’s blood ethanol content was 93.46mg / 100ml.Public security organs preliminary judgment, that day cheng was drunk driving hit walking in the roadside victim, but it did not get out of the car to see, but briefly slowed down after driving away.Comprehensive investigation, the public security organ determined that Cheng drove a motor vehicle on the road after drunkenness, did not drive safely in accordance with the operating specifications when he went to the accident site;Failing to stop immediately after the accident, failing to protect the scene, failing to rescue the injured, failing to report to the police in time instead of driving away, taking full responsibility for this accident.On August 31, 2021, the public security organ transferred Cheng to Fancheng District Procuratorate for examination and prosecution on suspicion of traffic accident crime.The prosecutor in charge of this case is Li Xuejun.Three confessions have always denied the hit-and-run in the process of handling the case, Li Xuejun has repeatedly questioned Cheng, the seemingly simple case has been complicated by Cheng always insisted that he was not a hit-and-run.”Because I had rubbed myself against vehicles or walls on the side of the road before, I thought this time the noise of vehicles touching something was similar.””The headlights of the big car blinked me and I thought it was a rubbish bin on the side of the road.””I have no objection to taking full responsibility for the accident, but I did not drive away.”Cheng mou in the public security organs three times in the confession has always insisted that he did not know hit people, the case into a deadlock.According to the evidence transferred by the public security organ, Cheng changed the driving track after the accident but still drove home without cleaning the vehicle or running away.But careful Li Xuejun found evidence in the suspicious: the public security organs arrested Cheng, he was wearing pajamas, no obvious panic, and the scene surveillance video also shows that the day cheng’s opposite lane without a big car after, there is no “headlights flashing” said;Cheng after hitting people, the vehicle has obvious deceleration pause, but did not get off to view, and the general practice is inconsistent;Cheng called two phones after the incident, although the two people who answered the phone said Cheng did not say he hit people, but the two people are cheng’s relatives and friends, the credibility of testimony is not high;Cheng obviously changed the driving track after the incident, its explanation is not completely reasonable.”Based on the available evidence, we believe Cheng is involved in a traffic crime.I hope he can confess himself, on the one hand, I want to find out what happened and return the truth to the victim’s family, on the other hand, I hope the suspect can voluntarily confess to the punishment, save judicial resources and improve the efficiency of the lawsuit.”Li Xuejun said.Break the lie to facilitate the suspect to admit guilt in the face of seemingly contradictory evidence and the suspect’s heavy denial, Li Xuejun understand the case file, seize every point of contention, on the one hand, the public security organs to find the surveillance video of the case, on the cheng about to drive to open high beam interference line of sight for verification.On the other hand, Li Xuejun asked investigators to supplement cheng’s call records and call duration after the accident, and found that Cheng had talked with two people before returning home after the accident, so he guided the public security organs to obtain evidence for two witnesses…After mastering objective evidence, Li Xuejun launched “psychological warfare” to Cheng mou.”You claim to have been blinded by the headlights of an oncoming car, but the surveillance shows that there was no oncoming car in your direction.””Subjectivity can be reasonably inferred from objective behavior.A driver knew there was a collision and slowed to a halt, but did not get out of the car to check, sped away and then changed his route. There is no reasonable explanation, at least we can infer that the driver knew that the collision was possible.”Li Xuejun chose to speak with objective evidence.”Ask yourself, are you guilty to others, or are you benefiting yourself by not admitting guilt?Did you really not know you’d hit someone?””You want forgiveness, but you don’t admit escape…”At the same time, Li Xuejun explained the leniency system of guilty plea.In addition, Li Xuejun also repeatedly communicated with Cheng’s lawyer.”The existing evidence can at least infer cheng’s understanding of the possibility of bumping into people. Not pleading guilty can not get him off. I hope you can let him understand the policy and confess as soon as possible.”In the face of Li Xuejun’s move, understanding of the “offensive”, Cheng put down the burden of thought, finally admitted that he knew he might hit people, willing to confess, and compensate the victim’s family members more than 380,000 yuan, obtained understanding.In view of cheng reached a settlement with the victim’s family and completed the compensation, he was repentant and sincere, and finally, fancheng District Procuratorate initiated a public prosecution in accordance with the law, and proposed a lenient sentencing suggestion.(Dai Xiaowei and Xu Wendi, Procuratorial Daily)

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