Liu Dianzuo joined “China Evergrande”, Followed by Dong Chunyu!Double champion Luneng shivered

Beijing time on February 9, wuhan sports bosses “orange” to the Chinese super power of the three towns of wuhan reported by the reinforcements, the elder brother said rumors three towns of wuhan to sign Wu Hanzhuo er team goalkeeper chun-yu dong, the plus sign appears to have three towns of wuhan Evergrande international Liu Dian, before the so-called “one Evergrande” of the three towns of wuhan is really big reinforcements,Judging from the fact that all the three wuhan towns have recruited international players, the champions of last season’s Chinese League must have a mind to move to the Chinese Super League, and it is no surprise that this big club should aim for at least Asian Champions League qualification in their first season in the Chinese Super League.Liu Dian seat as the Chinese super league club guangzhou Evergrande goalkeeper, his strength in the Chinese super league should be existed in the first place, even national team goalkeeper YanJunLing seem less Liu Dian stability, and guangzhou team contract expires Liu Dian opt for three towns of wuhan, in the play in a team with deep pockets can certainly help Liu Dian seat to achieve higher goals to pursue a career,Chun-yu dong also can have the honor to come to this club team also illustrates the power of chun-yu dong moved three towns of wuhan club’s board of management, chun-yu dong as the period of the national team regular li3 tie3, can with wang lei, Liu Dian training also let his strength increase a lot, when chun-yu dong and Liu Dian teamed up for the three towns of wuhan guard after the goal,New season wuhan three towns of the goal can be used to describe the impregnable.In the three towns of wuhan, after the introduction of foreign aid are big players in the three towns of wuhan introduced into NaYuan are international level, pick up one of the three towns of wuhan don’t last season foreign aid Gu Desong double team shandong hristo should feel shivering, rely on the three towns of wuhan was eliminated Gu Desong won two champions shandong hristo want to implement defending estimates of the new season is very difficult,Get bad by Wuhan three towns double kill is also likely to appear.

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