Italy’s state of emergency has not been extended after a third straight week of slowing down

This article from: China news network news agency February 18 (Reuters) Quoted Europa press reported according to the network, the local time on February 17, Italian djembe foundation on its will be coronavirus disease monitoring report regularly, during February 9 to 15, new cases of the new champions Italy, down 32.3% from the previous week.Members of Italy’s National Council for Science and Technology have reiterated that the state of emergency will not be extended after the approval of the latest quarantine decree.According to the Kimbe Foundation, Italy has been slowing for the third week in a row.Meanwhile, pressures in hospitals also eased last week, with the number of patients on general wards falling 14.9% and in intensive care by 18.7%.The president of the Kimbe Foundation said the decline in the fourth wave, high vaccination coverage, and the coming spring automatically rule out new, more contagious or severe variants.He said it was hoped that the central government and local authorities would use a few months of breathing space to plan vaccination campaigns in the autumn to avoid a new wave of hospitalizations and deaths among the elderly and infirm after the summer.The consumption of food and drink will be allowed in theatres, cinemas, stadiums and live music venues in Italy from March 10 after the country’s lower house of Parliament approved an amendment to the country’s quarantine law, the deputy health minister said Monday.The move is a fresh sign of restarting the economy.Members of Italy’s National Council for Science and Technology say the state of emergency will not be extended and the council will be dissolved.The latest outbreak and health assessment data are still pending, and if the new variant does not cause a significant change in the infection curve, the extension of the national emergency will not be necessary.Italy’s Civil Protection Ministry reported 57,890 new COVID-19 cases and 320 deaths on Monday.(Po)

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