A year’s plan lies in spring | look!Technology on the farm

Farming time waits for no man.At present, farmers, agricultural technology experts and community-level officials are busy working in the fields to ensure a good grain harvest.What technologies are hidden in farmland?How to rely on science and technology to increase production and income?Let’s take a look at the technology in the field.With the drone of rotors, 10 plant protection drones flew by at a low altitude, spraying atomized drugs evenly on the green wheat seedlings.At the wheat field in Waigou Village, Guyi Town, Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, Ma Hongguang pointed to the screen of his mobile phone: “You see, this year’s DRONES with the Beidou system are much easier to use!Precise spraying without dead Angle, greatly saving water consumption and pesticide use.”Ma Hongguang is president of xiangyang Lvgufeng Modern agricultural planting professional cooperative.Compared with traditional machines, smart machines have lower labor costs and more accurate operations, making them a good helper for farmers in their fields, he said.”With the help of smart farming machines, I won an order for 10,000 mu of organic wheat this year.”A farmer uses a plant protection drone to spray herbicide in cangtou village of Zhaoxian Township in Wenxian County of Jiaozuo city, Central China’s Henan Province, March 8, 2019.Xinhua News Agency (photo by Xu Hongxing) The agricultural machinery with beidou navigation system was a rarity two years ago, but this year it has become a new intellectualized equipment for agricultural machinery in many places.In Duzhuang village, Wangu Town, Hua County, Henan Province, du Huanyong, a major grain farmer, said that with the help of the Beidou system, the planter has allowed crops to be planted more neatly and can be used for precise burrow seeding, saving the amount of sowing and improving the efficiency of operations.In jianli City, Hubei Province, Huangxikou town essence rice planting professional cooperative, director Bi Lixia opened the App on her mobile phone, carrying the Beidou System uav, transplanter, real-time fly prevention, transplanting operations in a view.In Heilongjiang province, unmanned operations in a single production process have been applied in Beidahuang Group Seven Star Farm Co., LTD in recent years. Yu Tielong, a technical staff member of beidahuang Smart Agriculture agricultural Machinery Center, said: “This year we will realize unmanned operations in the whole rice production process for the first time on 15,000 mu of land.”Reporters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas to understand that this year’s spring ploughing agricultural machinery equipment precision intelligent is a major feature.By the end of last year, the number of agricultural machinery equipped with Beidou positioning terminals had reached 600,000, making farming more intelligent.”There are experts’ tricks’, the kind of wheat is not the same!”On March 24, Miao Zenghai, a farmer in Miao Zhuang village, Handan City, Hebei Province, looks at the thriving wheat seedlings.Originally, Miao Zenghai and Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences “climb up”, handan handan planted Handan 19, 24 handan, are academy of agricultural experts to cultivate new varieties of wheat.”Han Mai 19 is characterized by wide adaptability, high yield and stable yield. It has been promoted in hebei, Shanxi and Shandong provinces.Han Mai 24 is characterized by short stalks, large spikes and lodging resistance, and is popular in central and southern Hebei Province, “han Mai 24 said.Handan comprehensive experimental station master of national wheat industry technology system, Handan Academy of Agricultural Sciences liu Baohua introduced.Mr Miao is confident: “We plant good wheat seeds, use organic fertilizer, use CAAS technology and produce high-quality wheat seeds.The improved wheat can sell for 0.2 yuan more per jin than ordinary wheat.”Farmers treat wheat head blight at baihu Town of Lujiang county in Hefei, capital of east China’s Anhui province, March 24, 2019.Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Zuo Xuechang) Good seed is the foundation of a good harvest.Starting with “small seeds”, local governments are striving to meet and support new agricultural needs.In the stacked paneling darkroom seedling growing workshop, technicians from Beidahuang Group Qixing Farm Co., Ltd. are testing the intelligent control system and data platform, and will start to accelerate rice germination in a few days.The stacked dark room can provide a constant temperature and humidity environment, creating the best growth space for rice seeds, and shortening the germination time from seven or eight days to 48 hours.Farmer Liu Yongbing told reporters that such a push out of the bud, seedling rate increased by about 5 percent, saving seeds.The new technology can also effectively avoid the influence of early sowing low temperature on rice seeds and seedlings, and lay a foundation for disaster prevention and reduction, stable yield and increase in the later period.”With the new technology this year, rice seedlings will be at ease.”Liu Yongbing said.Information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shows that this year, we will speed up the promotion and application of fine grain and oil varieties and advanced and applicable technologies, and enhance the supporting and leading role of science and technology in ensuring grain stability and supply.At the same time, the seed market inspection, strict control of seed quality, to ensure the safety of spring production.The 50,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration zone built in Shangshui County, Henan Province, is not only equipped with automatic watering equipment to make farming more labor-saving, but also a “black technology” to make qiu Shouxian, a large grain farmer, more worried.The common wheat diseases are usually transmitted by spores. The spore information automatic capture and cultivation system in the demonstration area can capture spores in the atmosphere around the farmland at any time and culture them, and the machine will automatically upload the results to the background server.Local plant protection technicians feedback the evaluation results to farmers through the mobile App, and farmers can remotely dispatch the prevention and control equipment to take timely measures to prevent diseases through their mobile phones.With the support of technology, Qiu shouxian can manage scenes of plant protection, irrigation and pest control of more than 2,000 mu of farmland with his mobile phone.Meteorological disasters, diseases and insect pests, etc., are the “obstacles” in the way of grain harvest.With the help of science and technology, local governments have made meteorological disaster warning more precise and pest control more timely.Staff of China Meteorological Bureau and farmers look at soil moisture in a wheat field in Ningying village, Jiasong Town, Nanhe District, Xingtai City, North China’s Hebei Province, March 17, 2019.Xinhua (Photo by Zhang Chi) DRONES carry out pest control and chemical weeding at a wheat field in Ningjin County, Hebei Province.Cooperatives in charge of Liu Yilong, Ningjin County bureau of agriculture and rural areas in the ground to build a crop disease and insect monitoring station, can monitor farmland seedling, moisture, illness, insect situation, forecasting the occurrence of disease and insect species and trends, this spray is based on county agricultural technical personnel recommendations implementation.Ningjin map meteorological observation sites in 19 also set up a field, covering the county, 1.09 million mu of farmland, on the field, such as temperature, precipitation, ground temperature 10 meteorological real-time monitoring, forecasting, provide farmers with the weather forecast and meteorological disaster early warning information services, in a timely manner to guide farmers in the field management, help to reduce the loss caused by meteorological disasters.Meteorological experts forecast that from April to May this year, meteorological conditions are generally favorable for the late growth and yield formation of winter wheat.Reporters learned from the China Meteorological Administration, the later meteorological disaster warning will be further refined to villages and towns, spread to villages and households to people, effectively play the role of the first line of defense of meteorological disaster prevention and reduction.(Journalists Gao Jing, Bai Mingshan, Hou Wenkun, Li Peng, Wang Jian, Han Jiano)

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