Three teams from Inner Mongolia were selected as the second batch of Huangdanian teachers’ teams in national universities

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued by notice, announced the second batch of national colleges and universities Huang Danian type teachers team identified as a result, modern biological Li Guangpeng led, a professor at the university of Inner Mongolia livestock breeding team, ping-ping huang, a professor at the university of Inner Mongolia industrial technology research and teachers’ team, led by radar in Inner Mongolia normal university, professor xu may lead the “science and civilisation in China” teachers team.Modern biological livestock breeding livestock breeding technology team innovation, in Mongolia, luxi cattle, simmental cattle as the research object, through gene editing, somatic cloning and embryo transfer, modern biological breeding technology, carried out a large number of pioneering work, creativity nurturing to grow fast, muscular, high ChanRouLv good new beef cattle germplasm resources with the meat,For the autonomous region livestock breeding technology innovation and high quality development of animal husbandry to make a positive contribution.The radar technology research teachers’ team has done a lot of pioneering work on the radar discipline construction and platform building in the autonomous Region, and achieved a number of original technical achievements in grassland vegetation, Yellow River flood, ore body landslide and other aspects, which have been successfully transformed, and achieved good social and ecological benefits.The Chinese science and Technology History teachers’ team is leading in the research on the history of mathematics in China, and has also opened up the research field of the history of science and technology of China’s ethnic minorities, with pioneering and international results.It is reported that in order to guide teachers to continue to learn from Huang Danian, the Ministry of Education issued a “Notice on the creation of A National University Huang Danian teacher team”, decided to identify 200 national university Huang Danian teacher team by the end of 2017.Four years later, the second batch of national universities huang Danian teacher team list released, the selection also has 200 teachers from the whole country selected.(Reporter Bai Lian) Source: Grassland client

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