“Micro fire” light up the Winter Olympics, also light up you and me, this low carbon life reference to send you!

“Little fire” fire!With two torchbearers gently inserting the last torch into the center of the “big snowflake” of the torch platform, the flame of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has been lit in a way that has never been seen in the history of the Games.Beijing Winter Olympics to “no ignition” instead of “lit”, to “small fire” instead of burning fire, to the world “extremely clear” to convey the low-carbon, environmental protection of the green Olympic concept.As Zhang Yimou, chief director of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said, “You go from being surprised, surprised, wondering why, to asking why, and then understanding the intention of low-carbon environmental protection. This has played a very good role in popularization and setting a good example.”Of course, we are more looking forward to understanding the intention of “micro fire” and touching on low-carbon environmental protection actions.Only in this way, as the commentary really said, to achieve “a small fire is not small, endless, eternal”.Low carbon is reflected in all aspects of life.Some people may think that it is difficult to be low-carbon and even lead to a lower quality of life.So, why don’t we start with a few simple multiple choice questions?With these “one of two choices”, is the answer clear?Low carbon life is not so difficult!On the basis of maintaining a certain quality of life and still being happy, it is possible to achieve environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.Nowadays, carbon peak and carbon neutrality have become the focus of the whole society.So, do you know the carbon emission data for your lifestyle and consumption behavior?The amount of carbon a person or group uses can be measured by its carbon footprint.The more carbon is consumed, the more carbon dioxide is produced, and the bigger the carbon footprint.Conversely, the “carbon footprint” is smaller.At present, many websites, apps and mini programs provide personal carbon footprint calculators to help users understand their personal carbon emissions more intuitively through quantitative methods and guide users to voluntarily practice the concept of energy-saving and low-carbon life.The following describes some common gadgets for your reference.1, “its online” APP user login “its online” APP, plate into the “carbon footprint calculator” function, input data, can use situation and way to travel life can automatically generate a detailed personal carbon footprint, from food and clothing live line with personal carbon emissions from various angles and proportion, as well as in carbon footprint and eliminate carbon footprint need tree number and other information.Search the official wechat account of “Carbon Footprint”, click the column of “Carbon Wisdom Sink” in the lower left, and choose “Carbon Footprint Calculator” to calculate your daily carbon emissions from various aspects such as clothing, food, housing and transportation.Enter “Carbon Footprint Calculator” in the wechat search bar, and a small search program “Carbon Footprint Calculator” will appear. Click enter and input relevant data, which can be used to calculate a household’s annual carbon dioxide emissions, and integrate and rank the data.In ten aspects of life, everyone uses water, uses paper, uses electricity, goes on vacation, uses transportation, eats, produces garbage and so on…Every bit of it has to do with carbon emissions.As long as you pay attention, you can do something for low carbon at any time.1. Turn off lights, sockets and faucets to avoid waste;2, use less disposable products, such as disposable paper cups, disposable plastic bags, etc.;3, try to choose green travel, such as subway, bus, bicycle, etc.;4, when using paper, try to use both sides;5, a variety of environmentally beneficial flowers and trees;6, when using high-power electrical appliances, try to achieve low energy consumption, such as low carbon mode of air conditioning, use the correct gear of refrigerator, etc.;7, try to do garbage classification in life, and put into the corresponding garbage can, so as not to pollute the environment;8, minimize the use of chemicals, because chemicals contain more complex substances, may cause harm to the environment;9. Practice CD action to avoid wasting food;Establish a good life concept, use resources scientifically, protect the earth’s environment, and integrate low-carbon lifestyle into daily life.Low carbon life, you have me.The first working day after the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger begins!If you haven’t set up a new Flag, start with this low-carbon life guide, and let the low-carbon environmental protection “fire” become the burning fire of the construction of a beautiful China, and make a contribution to the early realization of the double carbon goal!Sources: China Environment, Beijing Youth Daily, Environment and Ecology Network, Shang Xueku Editor: Lu Jiao Proofread: Xu Jijun review: Xue Lilui

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