Liuzhou sports school weightlifting coach Wei Zhengyou: retirement is not confused, struggle in the second half

Guangxi weightlifters:Wei Zhengyou ║ was born in Laibing in January 1992 ║. He began to practice weightlifting at the age of 12. In 2004, he entered guangxi Sports School weightlifting Team ║.Became a professional athlete ║ won the national Youth Men’s Weightlifting Championship in the 56kg division in 2014 ║ stopped training in January 2015 entered the career transition period ║ retired in January 2016 In 2015, laibing City Sports School needed a weightlifting coach at that time, wei Zhengyou just stopped training at that time, and all aspects of the conditions were just right.Therefore, Guangxi Sports Human Resources Development and Security Center recommended him to conduct one-year compulsory teaching in Laibing Sports School. However, due to organizational reform, Wei Zhengyou failed to stay as a coach and chose a career after the compulsory teaching period expired.Wei Zhengyou lost his job when he got home. He felt that he had no other employable skills except weightlifting.He also had a family. If he had no job, he would have no income.No matter how cruel the reality is, life has to go on, work cannot wait, must take the initiative to solve employment, family responsibilities.In order to make a living, Wei zhengyou worked at a fast food restaurant in Laibin City and learned how to make hamburgers and French fries from his master. After that, he moved to liuzhou and became an apprentice at a bakery.Although he has a relatively stable income, Wei Zhengyou can’t forget his old profession of weightlifting. Whenever he passes by the weightlifting training center of Liuzhou Sports School, he can’t help but stop and have a look. Listening to the friendly and familiar sound of barbells, he feels that the place he longs for most is there.An accidental opportunity, let Wei zheng by yearning became a reality.In March 2017, the training class for regional weightlifting coaches was held in Beihai city. Wei Zhengyou attended the training at his own expense out of his passion for the career of weightlifting. Through the training class, he contacted coaches from all over the country to find out whether there was a demand for weightlifting coaches in other places.Coincidentally he met liuzhou city sports school vice principal and weightlifting coach LanYanYun, vice President of understand his situation and idea, kindly said to him, now weightlifting athletes more sports school, and school affairs, and training athletes, a little regard not to come over, want to hire a side coach, ask WeiZheng by coach is willing to do.Wei Zhengyou was overjoyed and agreed without hesitation.In April 2017, Wei zhengyou worked as an assistant coach in Liuzhou Sports School for three years. In the second half of 2020, he successfully became a full-time coach in liuzhou Sports School through the open recruitment of Liuzhou Sports Bureau.· The Weightlifting team of Liuzhou Sports School has won 6 gold MEDALS in regional competitions.12 silver and 3 bronze MEDALS, liuzhou has sent six sports school weightlifting to guangxi weightlifting athletes, WeiZheng to sports schools in guangxi by the two women, WeiZheng by 2020 was rated as “ten best coaches of liuzhou” outstanding contributions “liuzhou delegation to participate in the autonomous region’s 14th games personal” employment way back then,Wei Zhengyou said that retirement career can not be confused, the best choice of their own professional and expertise, less detours directly on the post.He said that weightlifting is a key event of Liuzhou city, which has cultivated outstanding athletes such as Olympic champion Lu Yong, Asian champion Rong Yingbi, and World Youth Champion Wu Yanmei. Therefore, he will cherish the platform and opportunity provided by the sports school for him, and strive to continue the glory of Liuzhou weightlifting.▲ Wei Zhengyou (first from the right) takes a group photo with the team members who won the 2020 Guangxi Youth Weightlifting Championship.Email address:

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