Luoyang city, lights on yuan, every picture is the ultimate beauty

Elephant news reporter Li Shubao correspondent Duan Wanqing Shi Zhiwei Zhang Junwang/spring snow flying flowers, human painting.Today is the 15th day of the first lunar month, just before the full moon, a brief snowfall has added more fun to Luoyang city.Lively crowds poured into the streets to greet their friends and enjoy the scenery.Such a custom, in fact, in Luoyang has spread for thousands of years.In the Tang Dynasty, the god capital luoyang yuan snack night “duanmen lights” flourished.Luoyang city good tonight, thousands of families make yuanxiao, the fifteenth day of the first month of Luoyang city, but also for the ancient literati left the most brilliant memory.Today, Luoyang city, lights yuan, guess lantern riddles, enjoy lanterns, watch the fire……About a national style is still bustling on stage.In the old city of Luoyang, immersive folk fire experience, make the Lantern Festival more “old city flavor”?.Row drum, Yangko, land boat, stubborn donkey……These colorful folk performances, as if through history, have attracted many tourists and citizens to stop and watch.Yizhanzhan lanterns, foil the Flavor of the New Year;A sentence of riddles, hidden blessings.Jianxi through the streets, streets hung on both sides of the red lanterns swing with the wind, colorful lights, spotlights such as coruscated dazzling light, for the Lantern Festival to create a festive atmosphere.Bingdundun, snow Rong Rong, and astronauts, mermaids…Looking at the beautiful yizhan lanterns in their hands, the children in Tonglezhai community were so happy that they shared the process of creation with happy smiles on their faces.Whether it is yuanxiao in the north or Tangyuan in the south, each one symbolizes family reunion, happiness and well-being, and carries the wishes for the New Year.

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