Dalian Wanda players in 1996 A A + goal data, all the way ahead of the season unbeaten won the championship

Dalian Wanda players in 1996 A + goal data, all the way ahead, unbeaten season!In order to regain the A-League title it lost last season, Dalian Wanda has made early preparations to regain the title this season.Boss Wang Jianlin began to plan the introduction of foreign aid in 1995, Chi Shangbin guidance to improve the coaching team, Liu Zhicai and Xu Jianping two former international players become chi guide’s right arm, the division of work is more detailed.Swedish foreign aid Pele and svensson, Russian goalkeeper Valeri, Dutch Asian player Ihei, four foreign aid have joined the team, Liu Rentie became the first translator in the history of Dalian Team.Although Ma Lin, Liu Zhongchang, Gao Xu, Gao Jinggang, Ma Xiaohong, Li Jing, Chang Hui, Parhati left the team, but Xu Hui passed the physical test, soldiers expensive fine not expensive, the team three line strength super.Dalian Wanda tied with defending champion Shanghai Shenhua for the first place in the first round. In the second round, dalian Wanda occupied the top spot alone, and then led all the way. After the 0-0 away tie with Shenhua in the 21st round, Dalian Wanda won the first round of The First A League championship.It is worth mentioning that Dalian Wanda remained undefeated throughout the whole season. So far, no team has been able to break this record in the professionalism of Chinese football.Dalian Wanda recorded 12 wins and 10 draws with 46 points, ranked first among the 12 teams with 42 goals and 18 goals conceded, tied with Shenhua as the team with the fewest goals conceded, with a goal difference of 24, more than seven teams scored all season.With 12 unbeaten matches last season, Dalian Wanda’s unbeaten league record extended to 33 matches, which eventually extended to 55 matches. Even guangzhou Evergrande, the Chinese Super League’s richest club, has crashed due to years of cheating.The following is A collation of dalian Wanda players in 1996 A league appearances and goals, this season, Dalian Wanda first team registered A total of 22 players.1- Han Wenhai, suspended for one match due to yellow card accumulation, started all the other 21 games.2- Zhang Enhua, in the last round of accumulation yellow card suspension, the other 21 rounds all started, only the fourth round played 65 minutes was replaced, scored 5 goals, is the team’s fifth shooter, the first round of dalian Wanda season’s first goal, blackie become a real knife defender.3- Zhao Lin, who played only twice, started the whole game in round 22 and played 5 minutes as a substitute in round 13.4- Zhu Xiaodong, played in all 22 games, starting 21 of them and playing all 18 of them.5- Xu Hong, captain and the only full-time player for Dalian Wanda this season, scored 2 goals and equalized at the final buzzer to extend the team’s unbeaten record.6- Li Ming, who has been sidelined for the last round, has started all his other 21 games, only to be substituted twice at the last minute, scoring three goals.7- Xu Hui, 11 appearances, 10 of them starting, two full games.9- Sun Wei, 15 appearances, 6 starts and one full game, played 693 minutes, but scored 6 goals efficiently and became the joint third scorer in the team.10- Shi Lei, 2 substitute appearances for the veteran.11- Wei Yimin, the sixth brother started all 21 games, played 19 times, scored 8 goals, ranked second in the team’s scoring list.12- Sun Minghui, 9 appearances, 3 starts, but did not play a full game.13- Svensson, 18 appearances, all starts, 13 games, tied for third highest scorer in the team with six goals.14- Pele, starting in all 12 of 15 games, scoring the winner against Shandong Taishan, but some sources put it down as xiao Li’s own goal.15- Ihei (Igonia), started 13 times in 16 appearances, played 10 times and scored 1 goal.16- Zhang Gang, made 5 appearances, all as a substitute.Sun Jihai, who started all 21 rounds except the 14th round yellow card suspension.18- Wang Feng, 3 appearances, all as a substitute.19- Wu Jun, who played all seven of his starts in the second half of the season.20- Wang Tao (xiao), who started all 21 rounds except the 13th round suspension, played all 17 times and scored 10 goals with his head kick. He continues to be the top scorer in his team.21- Wang Peng, 3 appearances, all as a substitute.22- Valeri, the 10th round starter, played the entire game in dalian Wanda’s only appearance of the season in a 0-0 draw at home to Shanghai Shenhua.24- Chen Dong, the only first-team player not to get a chance because Han Wenhai was so consistent.

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