Characteristics and formation reasons of dried bark

We all know that there are different types of skin, from oily, which is prone to breakouts, to dry, which is prone to fine lines, and the most ideal type of skin, which is neutral.Many people suffer from too dry or oily skin, but do not know how to solve the problem, skin quality can be changed?Can dry skin turn dry wood into spring?Today we are going to learn about the characteristics of dry skin and why it forms.To determine if you’re dry skin, it’s important to understand its properties: Dry skin refers to skin that has less than 10 percent moisture in its cuticle layer due to reduced sebaceous glands or damage to the skin barrier.Reduced sebaceous glands can result in a lack of oily dry skin, and damage to the skin barrier can result in dehydrated dry skin.Dry skin skin skin is relatively thin, the skin is rarely acne, pores are not obvious.Disadvantages of dry skin: 1, easy to freckle when young, easy to grow sunburn, old after long chloasma.2, easy to grow wrinkles, especially around the eyes, corners of the mouth and other key parts, crow’s feet and law lines will be easier to produce.3, by the stimulation of the external environment, such as exposure to wind and sun, the skin will appear flushing, and even damage.The advantage of dry skin: because dry skin compares oily skin, mix oily skin to wait to want to come exquisite and delicate, so the skin pore of this kind of skin qualitative is not easy bulky, also do not exist apparent.Moreover, sebum secretion is less and uniform.Even in summer, it’s not too greasy.And you won’t get acne from the oil and water imbalance.For dry skin, there are many causes, which can be roughly summarized as follows: naturally dry skin, insufficient sebum secretion, and damaged cuticle structure.Here we focus on the last two causes: sebaceous glands, which are both loved and hated.More pores will cause acne, less will easily lead to dry aging molting.It is generally in 10 years old before the secretion of weak, 16 ~ 35 years old secretion of the most vigorous, the old age began to gradually weakened.It is mainly secreted oil, sweat secreted by sweat glands will form a layer of weak acidic protective film at low temperature emulsification on the skin surface. Whether the skin is healthy depends on whether this layer of sebum film is complete and damaged.It helps your skin become smooth, shiny and soft, and prevents moisture from evaporating.The stratum corneum is our skin’s first line of defense. If it’s less than 15% water, it dries out, if it’s less than 10%, it breaks off, and if it’s less than 5%, it cracks, like a dry desert.If you don’t replenish water in time, your skin will become thinner and drier.Types of dry skin 1, dry skin, dry skin is mostly due to improper care or other reasons caused by a serious lack of moisture in the skin, the loss of balance between the moisture and sebum in the skin, resulting in the increase of sebaceous gland secretion, the formation of the status quo of “oil inside dry”.For dry skin of water shortage, do not be confused by the illusion of oil, open excessive oil control mode.For this kind of skin, hydrating is the real king.2. Lack of oily dry skin The main problem of this kind of dry skin is less sebaceous oil secretion, leading to the loss of the original ability of the skin to lock water, further leading to dry, dark, sensitive skin, and even peeling.The skin that has this characteristic cannot be mixed lack water sex dry skin is same, consider filling water simply only, also should consider complement grease.If there is no grease to balance, no amount of water is easy to appear “the more the more dry” vicious circle.Above is a few problems about dry skin, in general, dry skin wants to nurse properly only, change skin qualitative possibly still, but the method that nurse is very important, next period we continue to talk.

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