You put too much detergent in!Here are eight laundry blind spots that most people don’t understand

Discover when chatting with beside small associate recently, everybody is urban beauty on the surface, wash clothes secretly however basic rely on “meng” : laundry liquid puts how many completely by feel see laundry product shelf giddy, grab a bag literally go obviously wash very frequently, laundry liquid also did not put little, but old besmirch or if be concealed if be seen……Today, we consulted the top 500 enterprises of the washing product formula division, as well as textile professionals, we wash clothes when the most commonly encountered 8 problems clearly!As long as the effective detergents are the same, the cleaning force is theoretically the same.While different brands have their own recipes, the effective detergents in most laundry products are surfactants, and the main differences are in the experience and convenience of using them.Specifically, washing powder is the cheapest, but is less soluble at low temperatures and tends to remain in winter.Moreover, the damage to the fabric will be relatively large.If you feel a slight fever when washing by hand, it is also because washing powder is often alkaline and stimulates the skin relatively more (the skin surface is weak acid).In contrast, laundry detergent is more soluble and can dissolve easily in cold or hard water washing conditions.There are also many choices. If there are no special needs (wool and cashmere, sterilization and mite removal, etc.), the difference between the regular brand products is not big, and the basic can be bought with eyes closed.The essence of laundry condensation beads is concentrated detergent.The surface active content of some concentrated laundry detergent can reach 30 ~ 40%, and the surface active content of laundry condensation beads is often as high as 80 ~ 90%.So, despite the tiny beads, there’s really nothing wrong with cleaning a bucket of clothes.The main problem with laundry condensation is: it’s expensive.Laundry beads are expensive to produce, given their portable design and softer flavor formulation.But it is really convenient to use, don’t have to look at the cap scale, one at a time, the outer packaging film will dissolve.You don’t have to worry about spills on business trips.Whether it’s underwear detergent or underwear soap, the key word “underwear” doesn’t mean that it’s particularly good for removing blood stains, but that their formulations tend to be milder.Many people are used to hand washing underwear, and underwear are generally thin, so most underwear cleaning product formula design should be in the premise of trying to ensure the washing effect, using less skin stimulation, less damage to the fabric formula.How do you know if you’re putting too much or too little detergent? Look at the scale on the bottle cap!It is best to follow the dosage indicated on the package (a few teaspoons/milliliters for X pieces of clothing) and a little less.The washing effect of detergent also has a ceiling, not the more the better, blindly pursuing high concentration of detergent will not only damage the fabric, insufficient rinsing will also have residue on the surface of clothing, may cause skin problems.Do you still have stains after washing a whole basket of clothes?Actually, it’s not because I didn’t put enough detergent in.To deal with stains, targeted treatment is more effective than more laundry detergent.In addition to the aforementioned blood stains, oil stains and food can be washed with enzyme detergent, which adds protease or lipase to better break down the protein and fat components in oil and gravy.If you have sweat stains on your neck, neckline or cuffs, try special color bleach powder and (surprise!) washing machine sink cleaner.Try soaking in hot water and wearing gloves.When rinsing the last time, you can observe that if there is a lot of foam in the washing machine, or the clothes still feel obviously greasy before drying, it is likely to be residual, and you can re-float if you are not sure.Quick wash mode does require less detergent than normal mode.Expecting the same amount of washing to do six or seven items in a shortened wash time puts unnecessary pressure on the fast wash mode.All laundry detergents add bactericidal ingredients, but it’s unrealistic to expect them to “kill” germs: they kill germs over a long period of time, and washing clothes for such a short period of time can only “wash off” some germs.If you want to improve the sterilization effort, you can use it with drops or virulent clothing sterilizing liquid.Mite detergent works the same way, by “washing off” mites.The products that come into contact with the human body are not in any way formulated with pesticides.Want to eliminate mite completely, still have to rely on “high temperature + flapping” two-pronged.Instead of buying acaroid laundry detergent, let your clothes get more sun.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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