Pickled turnip, the key ingredient, crunch!Cook and eat once for 7 days

Pickled turnip, the key ingredient, crunch!Eat once for 7 days!Winter is the season for foodies, especially at the end of the year, every family begins to smoke bacon and make pickles.Speaking of pickles, I did not eat less when I was a child. In the winter of every year, I would rely on a large jar of pickles for dinner at home.Now, with greenhouse vegetables, do pickles fewer people, rare as expensive, the pickles instead became everyone’s favorite dish.My husband is the most like to eat pickles pickled radish, many people do this dish, different family has its own unique approach, mei-mei grew up from snacks mom’s pickled radish, always feel that mom’s pickled radish is the most delicious, but since the tasted mother from xiangxi friend sauce radish, actually very immoral to mother of pickled radish behind it!Pestering my mother to learn from my aunt, I did not expect the method is quite simple, compared with my mother’s approach, only put one more thing, the taste is unusually crisp, this flavor, is the secret of sauce radish taste bang crisp!After learning could not help but do several times for friends to taste, we have said delicious, with meimei begging formula.Thinking of a lot of people like to eat sauce radish, so meimei will this formula sorted out, winter is the season to eat radish, like friends can collect to try oh!Do sauce radish, radish requirements are relatively high, must choose fresh and tender radish, now this season is just unearthed radish, want to eat sauce radish can seize the time yo!After a period of time, the radish will become old, and it will not be so crisp.As for the varieties of radish, red, white and green can be, if you can buy this kind of green radish is the best, this fruit radish is the most suitable for making sauce radish.Ingredients: radish two sugar a tablespoon of salt ginger garlic mince a tablespoon of small red pepper how to do: clean radish cut in half, then cut in half, one into four, cut into not too thin slices.Add a tablespoon of salt.Knead directly with your hands for a few minutes until the slices are softened and wilted. Set aside to marinate for an hour (you can shorten the marinate slightly if the slices are thin) to release a generous amount of water and pour out the juices.The more salt you add to the marinade, the shorter the time. If you’re worried it’s too salty, rinse twice with cold water.Drain, add a tablespoon of sugar and let stand for half an hour.Generally, when we cook pickles, we do not use white sugar. This method has one more step of adding white sugar to pickle. The addition of white sugar can not only increase freshness, but also make radish slices more crisp.Pour minced ginger, garlic and red bell pepper into radish slices.Pour light soy sauce over radish slices, marinate overnight and serve!This bubble out of the radish slice is really super crisp super flavor ah.Tip: The radish must be cut too thin, a little thick, although the marinate a little longer, but really crunchy.Don’t be afraid to waste the pickled light soy sauce. It can be reused. Pickled radish can be soaked for two days and then removed.Add new radish slices to the sauce and then soak. The taste will fade after repeated soaking, and you need to add salt.

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