Huangchuan: “bear children” play games recharge thousands of yuan police contact platform to help recover

Image network news (elephant news reporter Wu Yanfei correspondent Jin Justice Liu Yang) “my 14 years old son of the Internet to play games these two days, spent more than 2000 dollars, police comrades can you help to the money back?”Early in the morning on March 21, a man walked into huangchuan County Public Security Bureau to talk shop police station room with a sad face.After a conversation, the police learned that Since February this year, Tang’s son often asked him for SMS verification code, tang did not take it seriously at first, until recently found that the wechat balance and the bound bank card money was nearly 2,000 yuan less.Looking at the bill, Tang found that the money had been used to top up two games.After understanding the situation, the police used Mr. Tang’s mobile phone to enter the “minor parents service platform” small program, through contacting customer service, the game recharge consumption verification and recovery.When I heard that the game within ten working days to recharge the money will be returned, Mr. Tang to talk shop police station police expressed gratitude.Before leaving, the police repeatedly told, to enhance the care and education of children, do not tell children at will mobile phone verification code, payment password.(Xinyang News hotline: 0376-6880376, email: “Elephant Escort Office” of tel: 180 0371 9699)

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