China’s first luxury train travel special train came, a ticket 60000+, beautiful scenery along the sky

Previously, the New Oriental Express, which claims to be the most luxurious tourist train in China, became an Internet sensation when it was launched.New Oriental Express starts from Urumqi and runs three routes: Urumqi → Yinchuan, Northern Xinjiang line and Southern Xinjiang line.The train cost 48 million yuan to build, with a maximum travel time of 14 days and a starting price of 30,000 yuan per person. It is like a combination of “hotel + cinema +KTV+ regional cultural scenery + local cuisine”.And this winter, there is a parallel new Oriental Express travel special train to!It was hulun Buir.Hulunbuir — a pioneer of luxury train travel in China, the Hulunbuir was built at a cost of 100 million yuan and is the country’s first luxury train this winter.It’s like a mobile luxury landscape hotel.Whether it is the stylish hardware decoration, warm catering service, or magnificent scenery along the way, it is the ceiling of the domestic train industry.As a result, ticket prices are not cheap, with prices starting at ¥67,998 for seven days and six nights, averaging more than 10,000 yuan per night.The whole train operates on an “all-inclusive” basis, with the fare including board and lodging and a variety of themed activities, as well as customized in-depth Tours at various stations along the route.How luxurious is hulun Buir’s configuration?The Hulun Buir has only three or four compartments per sleeping car, with elaborate walnut textured compartments ranging in size from 8 to 12 square meters.Catering configuration can be called a unique, the flavor of China, Mongolia and Russia throughout the whole journey, completely break everyone’s inherent impression of train catering.The car is also equipped with a range of products from Israeli gem Dead Sea skincare brand AHAVA, and the beds used in each car are the same as those used in top international hotels.What’s more, each carriage has its own butler, available 24 hours a day.In addition, if you are in the mood for some entertainment, you can go to the Nadam salon carriage, indulge in singing;For a gourmet meal, go to the Bayar car, which is a special dining car.The hulun Buir train has not only luxurious features, but also stunning scenery along the way.Starting from the century-old Xiangfang station in Harbin, the train travels to the hinterland of the Greater Hinggan Mountains. The seven-day and six-night journey connects China’s “two poles”, featuring not only wild nature but also colorful cultural history.Train route: Harbin → Mohe → Genhe → Hailar → Yakeshi Station no. 1: Harbin This train starts at Harbin Xiangfang Station, which has a history of more than 100 years.Xiangfang station is a european-style railway station in architecture, and also the first railway station in Harbin.In 1898, Russian engineers built the Middle East Railway here, and today’s “Xiangfang Station” is also the past “Harbin Station”.Come to Harbin, extremely Russian urban appearance and winter ice scenery are undoubtedly two important reasons to attract visitors to come.In the old downtown of Harbin, the most well-known scenic spots, such as Saint Sophia Cathedral, Central Street, Gogol Street and Lao Dao Wai, are gathered here.In Harbin Songbei, ice and Snow World, Sun Island Snow Fair and other ice-related projects are here, as well as polar Museum, Tiger Park, science and technology museum and other perfect choices for parent-child travel.In Harbin hulan, the hulan Catholic Church and the former residence of xiao Hong, a famous modern female writer, are more attractive and have the name of “Oriental Notre Dame de Paris”.In winter, Harbin is transformed into a beautiful ice city with unique scenery — ice sculptures in the streets and lanes.Harbin is the most beautiful city at night, illuminated by snow and ice lanterns.However, the charm of Harbin does not stop there, “eating” is also essential.Russian and Western food, northeast stewed soup, Harbin red sausage, Harbin beer and various special snacks are enough to satisfy your appetite.Stop 2: Mohe Visit Mohe, “looking for north” is the biggest significance, beiji Village in a variety of scenic spots named after North will make you very happy, and Beihong Village authentic, is the real sense of the northernmost village.On the way to Beihong village, you will pass the Ussuri Shoal and the First Bay of the Longjiang River, which face Russia across the river.After swimming these scenic spots, the essence of Mohe is a panoramic view.If time is abundant, you can go to mohe county city songyuan Park and five or six fire memorial around.On the way to North Pole village in Mohe county, the rouge Ditch, Guanyin Mountain and Lee Jin-yong Memorial hall are also worth a visit.The tourism projects in Mohe in winter are all related to snow and ice, such as the vast snow sea in Beiji Village, ice lanterns and snow sculptures exhibition in Mohe County, and horse-drawn plows.Genhe Is a homonym of “Gegengaole” in Mongolian, which means “clear and transparent river”.The Genhe Wetland Reserve here is the most fully protected and largest wetland in China, known as “the first wetland in Asia”.The Aoluguya deer tribe, which has been inhabited by the Ewenki since ancient times, can be seen galloping reindeer pulling sleds in the streets of the town.There are luming Lake, Luming Mountain, lower yangge gas forest and other natural landscape.All in all, come to Root River, you can experience close contact with reindeer, cut firewood and barbecue skews yourself, escape the “bondage” of Internet and electronic products, and temporarily put your mind back to nature.Hailar is the political, economic and cultural center of Hulunbuir city, known as the “Pearl of the Grassland”.Its main tourist landscape is grassland, lake, ice and snow. It is also a multi-ethnic area.Hailar National Forest Park here is one of the eight scenic spots of Hulun Buir and the only national forest park with Sylvestris sylvestris as the main body in China.The ancient City of Hulunbuir here can dig deeply into the traditional history and culture of Hulunbuir. Tourists can walk along ancient streets, with considerable ancient scenery and ancient wind.In addition, hulunbuir National Museum, Hailar Natural Museum, Darjaran Temple, Yimin River, celebrity Peak and so on are all scenic spots to visit.Here, you will also have the opportunity to experience the feeling of staying in the world’s largest and most magnificent five-fold yurt hotel and clock in the world’s longest diameter wooden structure yurt building.Yakeshi city is known as the “Forest industry Capital of China” and the “land of ice and snow”.Here beautiful mountains and rivers, pleasant scenery, the four seasons have their own characteristics, with yunlong Villa, Phoenix Villa, Fengguan ski resort, Lama Mountain and other attractions.Here can not only enjoy the mountains and rivers, but also enjoy the broad atmosphere of the grassland, can feel the smooth skiing, and can experience the valiant riding.It is also a closed training ground for biathlon in Inner Mongolia for the Beijing Olympics, and the world’s largest winter testing ground for Bosch Cars.Do you want to go on a trip like this?This issue to share this, like travel partners, welcome to pay attention to!Some pictures come from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete

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