39!Yunnan province released the list of “golden Seed” enterprises in 2021

A few days ago, the Office of the Leading Group of the Three-year Action to Promote the Multiplication of Listed Enterprises in Yunnan province released the list of 2021 “Golden Seed” enterprises in Yunnan Province, and 39 enterprises including Fudian Bank, Dehe Canning, Dali Tourism, Eurasian Dairy, Bohao Biological, Qumei Coking and Lancang Ancient Tea were selected.Among them, there are neeQ listed enterprises and provincial high new specialty “little giant” enterprises.From the published list, 39 enterprises covers bank, intelligent manufacturing, tea, tourism, biological medicine and other industries, both Mr Reid, sanofi-aventis pharmaceutical, environmental protection, bo hao xin couplet in tutoring companies such as biotechnology, also has a rich yunnan Banks, such as xiangyun dragons have long been mooted listed enterprises, workers and kunming hengda, datang Chinese prescription and other new three board listed companies,Many enterprises are also the “little giant” enterprises of Yunnan Province.From the enterprise’s geographical distribution, kunming has rich yunnan 21 companies such as Banks, canned and selected, Dali prefecture Eurasian dairy Dali tourism, 4 companies, such as qujing city there are biological, qu bo hao four companies such as coking coal, sun energy, a region with sfa and lxa ancient tea 4 companies, in addition, each two current conditions are, honghe, baoshan city, yuxi each one.”Golden Seed” enterprises are the high-quality enterprises with listing potential and regional characteristics selected by the Yunnan Provincial government according to the Three-year Action Plan for Promoting The Multiplication of Listed Enterprises in Yunnan Province (2019-2021) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) and the Work Plan for Selecting “Golden Seed” Enterprises in Yunnan Province.According to the action plan, companies selected as “golden Seeds” can enjoy a variety of support.In terms of financial incentives and subsidies, enterprises can be awarded 16 million yuan by provincial finance for listing, which will be allocated in stages according to the principle of pre-placement.At the same time, priority will be given to guarantee the land used for investment projects of the funds raised by enterprises in the initial public offering. For each new listed company, the local government of the listed company will be rewarded with an index of 300 mu of newly added construction land.In terms of services, banks will be guided to increase credit support, enterprises will be encouraged to issue bonds, insurance funds will be encouraged to participate in the listing, and the New Third Board and regional equity market will play a role as a service platform.The action plan also encourages “golden Seed” enterprises to apply for the right to use the industrial land acquired in the original allocation mode by means of agreement transfer in the process of shareholding transformation.Guide banking financial institutions to increase credit support for “golden seed” enterprises, and reasonably determine interest rates and loan terms.We will support “golden seed” enterprises in issuing corporate bonds, corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds, medium-term notes and other debt financing instruments in the interbank market, and raise funds through asset securitization and other instruments.”Action plan” explicitly take “one enterprise with one policy” way such as “one project one discussion”, properly solve golden seed enterprises listed in the process of the project examination and approval, the land property right verification, taxes paid, environmental protection, transfer of assets and property rights, and licenses for confirmation problems left over by history, and various specification according to the need of listing conditions, policy guidance and support in time,To study and put forward specific handling suggestions and assist enterprises to perfect relevant procedures.Statistics show that as of December 31, 2021, there are 41 listed companies in Yunnan Province, including 17 in Shanghai (17 on the main board and 0 on the Science and Technology Innovation Board), 23 in Shenzhen (18 on the main board and 5 on the Gem) and 1 in The North Stock Exchange, with a total share capital of 68.192 billion shares and a total market value of 1.096401 billion yuan.In the next step, Yunnan province will continue to enhance the endogenous driving force of enterprise listing, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises in Yunnan province to take advantage of the capital market to accelerate the development, and strive to build a capital market “Yunnan plate” with regional characteristics, excellent quality and strong competitiveness.Chuncheng Evening News – open screen news reporter Zhao Danqing directed yuan Xi proofread Xu Hong editor Zhao Meigui

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