Wei brand MACchiato DHT-PHEV circle powder secret is open, the strongest brain is too out of the circle

With the Spring Festival approaching, have you made your holiday plans?Take your parents on a road trip or stay home with family and friends?Either way, you need the help of a reliable vehicle.To this end, I will choose a car early plan put on the agenda, do a lot of homework, from fuel to new energy let me look over, and finally feel that the Wei brand Macchiato DHT-PHEV is more in line with my needs.First of all, the use cost of Wei brand MACchito DHT-PHEV is very exciting to me, the same price fuel cars are generally 100 kilometers of 8 oil, a year alone is about six or seven thousand oil.The Macchiato DHT-PHEV, on the other hand, consumes only 0.8L of fuel per 100 km, and only 4.4L of fuel per 100 km, and can run over 1000km on full fuel and full charge.It can not only handle self-driving travel, but also greatly reduce the use cost, which is almost half of the fuel car.After my test drive, I found that the driving experience of macchiato DHT-PHEV is a word “smooth”!Anyone who has driven a new energy vehicle will know this feeling.Macchiato DHT-PHEV has a quick start response, and the connection between power gears will not be obvious. The dual motor speed control can make the clutch in the state of no slip wear to achieve engine intervention, there is no power interruption, shift is more smooth.In addition, the OVERALL NVH of the Macchito DHT-PHEV is better because it is electrically driven for most of the driving conditions and there is no engine noise. It feels quieter during driving, giving me a relatively quiet private driving space.As a new energy vehicle, Macchiato DHT-PHEV certainly has excellent intelligent attributes. It is equipped with coffee intelligent platform, qualcomm 8155 chip, 14.6-inch central control screen, W-HUD head-up display system, G block intelligent fun space and other core configurations.Each of these features is rare in its class, and the Macchiato DHT-PHEV puts a lot of effort into bringing them all together.At the same time, Macchito DHT-PHEV’s intelligent driving auxiliary system is also quite superior, with tracking reversing, remote parking, intersection traffic assistance, intelligent speed limit, LCK lane center, LCA parallel assistance and other configurations, even if clumsy like me, can also become “god” in minutes, the old driver’s driving experience is so simple.After knowing the strength of MACchiato DHT-PHEV, I was completely attracted by it. It is full of “fast, smooth, quiet, economical and green” and has a very high cost performance.To my surprise, the Macchiato DHT-PHEV is now in full supply, which means I’m determined to be able to drive a new car before The Spring Festival.Not much. Pick up the car and go!

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