The second day of the year “sacrifice to the God of wealth”?There are different opinions among the people

The Spring Festival is the most solemn festival of all the festivals in a year, regardless of the north and south are the same, the old and new, family reunion, this is the theme of the Spring Festival.The Spring Festival usually starts from New Year’s Eve to the 15th day of the first lunar month.Influenced by its ancient traditions, people will hold a variety of celebrations during the Spring Festival, a major festival, to greet the new, bless each other, worship the gods of heaven and earth, worship ancestors, pray for a good harvest and many other activities with strong ethnic characteristics.What day is the second day of the year in folk customs?China has a vast territory, different customs are not exactly the same, but in most places on the second day is the day of offering sacrifices to the “god of wealth”, although it is only a form, but it expresses people’s wish to pursue a better life and money rolling in.There are many folk sayings about the god of wealth, generally divided into five gods of wealth.Most people believe that Zhao Gongming was a god who was in charge of the financial resources of the Northern road. Taoism bestowed the title of “Heavenly God” on Him, and Chinese folk belief called him “Heavenly god”.This is also the origin of the myth, whether or not he is unknown.Most of the statues are black with thick beard, riding a black tiger, holding a silver whip in one hand and an ingot in the other.The old people say that a man has 365 lines, with directions north, south, east and west.There is the existence of the God of wealth in the north road, there is also the existence of the God of wealth in the southeast west road.It is said that the Shang Prime minister than gan in charge of the east road of the financial resources, is the myth of the gods list was framed by Daji dug heart and died of the prime minister.He was honest and upright, and he lost his heart without a trace of greed, no direction, justice, so he was regarded as the god of wealth.It is said that those who trade under the shadow of bigan, the god of wealth, are impartial, fair and do not cheat each other.Then chai Rong and Chai Wang Ye, the Zhou Emperor Shizong.Before he became an emperor, he began to do business because of his poor fortune and made a lot of money.Later, he calmed down the chaos and became the emperor. He still loved his people and lived frugally.Because the Lord Chai made his fortune in the south when he was doing business, people worshipped him as the god of wealth in the south road.Guan Yu, a well-known figure in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, is said to be in charge of the resources of the Western Road and is called the God of wealth.In selling meat, Guan Yu not only valued loyalty and credibility, but also was a master of financial management. In order to bribe Guan Yu, Cao Cao had given him many expensive gifts.Guan Yu was a military general and a native of Shanxi Province. Therefore, guan Yu was worshipped by later generations as the “God of wealth”, also known as the God of Wealth in the West Road.People often say that there are “five gods of wealth”, there have been southeast and northwest, another is the middle god of wealth, it is said that the middle god of wealth is Wang Hai Lao zu.Wang Hai was the king of the Shang Kingdom in the Xia Dynasty. He pioneered Chinese commerce, and the term “merchant” and “commodity” also came into being in the Xia Dynasty.Therefore, Wang Hai is also honored as the “First ancestor of Chinese merchants”, “Zhongbin God of wealth”, known as the Folk zhonglu God of wealth, the general business people more worship.Of course, there are many sayings about the god of wealth, but anyway, this is a common belief of people, but also a yearning for a better life.Regardless of the existence of the god of wealth, the second day of the Lunar New Year has become the day for people to worship the god of wealth.In xiaobian’s hometown, the second day of the Lunar New Year is not only a day to worship the God of wealth, but also an important festival for “son-in-law to pay New Year’s visit”.On the second day of the Lunar New Year, married women and their husbands go to their parents’ homes to pay a New Year call.On this day, the son-in-law will do his filial duty to buy as many gifts as possible. After all, the mother-in-law’s parents have committed their daughter’s life to him, which is also a kind of filial piety.So the second day of the Chinese New Year has become a “son-in-law New Year’s visit” festival, because in the Spring Festival this important festival, the wife has been reunited with his parents, he should go to his wife’s parents as soon as possible to pay a New Year’s visit.The first day at home, the second day of course the son-in-law to pay New Year’s visit.As the saying goes, “husband and wife are of one mind, you are my dear”, that is to say, both parents are the same as far and far, and should be treated equally.Therefore, on the second day of the Lunar New Year, as long as the wife’s parents are still alive, the son-in-law must pay a New Year visit.It also fully reflects the equality between men and women, harmony between husband and wife, family happiness and traditional culture of filial piety.Do not know you there big year early 2 have this custom, if have different view, welcome message!

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