How’s the isolation spot?Hit the scene in Nanjing

What do quarantined people eat every day during the epidemic?How was the food?Is there security?On March 31, the reporter followed the “food safety guards” of nanjing Market Supervision Bureau to visit the food safety of isolation point.At present, the whole city of Nanjing provides more than 27,000 boxes of lunch for centralized quarantine points every day.The municipal market supervision department carried out key supervision on food safety for catering service units providing meals in centralized isolation points, and strictly implemented the working mechanism of “daily inspection, daily report, daily rectification and feedback”.Nanjing city level two regulators for feeding unit to carry out a complete coverage of food safety inspection, supervise and urge meal enterprise according to the food safety operation specification of food and beverage service of the “nanjing centralized quarantine place food safety guidelines” and other documents, actively implement the main body responsibility, food safety, with emphasis on the bat risk, eliminate the food safety hidden trouble,Urge enterprises to rectify problems found in the supervision process in a timely manner.Strict supervision of the “five passes”, the whole process of supervision, urging and guiding catering units to take effective measures, the five passes, do a good job of food safety supervision under the normal epidemic prevention and control.Strictly control personnel health.Employees are required to hold health certificates, strictly implement the daily health inspection system, and strengthen protection for employees.Clean and disinfect strictly.Food processing equipment and tableware should be thoroughly disinfected.The use of disposable tableware in catering units is encouraged.Strictly check incoming goods.Ensure the purchase of livestock and poultry meat products and other food and raw materials complete procedures, legal sources, safety and traceability.Strict processing and production.Store, wash and cut raw and cooked food strictly in accordance with the regulations, and the operation process must be processed by high temperature heating.Strictly control food distribution.Daily management of transportation equipment should be strengthened. For food products with storage temperature requirements, equipment meeting requirements should be used for distribution in a standardized manner. Operation and hygiene standards should be strictly observed in the process of transportation and loading and unloading to prevent food contamination.Since March, the nanjing market supervision department has dispatched 328 law enforcement officers to inspect more than 700 catering units in isolation spots and rectify 165 problems on the spot.Meal number can assign, all-round supervision on the isolation of the hotel, because the hotel closed management, is not convenient for on-site inspection, market regulators innovation regulation method, law enforcement personnel through online video remote guidance to hotel to supervise, review the related materials provided by the hotel and upload the video processing place, the whole process to carry out supervision and inspection of food production.In addition, we made full use of tools such as wechat group and QQ group to train 1,287 person-times of employees in the isolation point, grasp the information of the point in time, and make emergency response.Supervise and guide catering service units in centralized isolation points to access the “Catering cloud platform” to realize electronic daily self-inspection, health certificate management, ledger entry, etc. Law enforcement officers can check the health certificate and ledger records of catering staff through the platform from time to time every day, effectively prevent food safety risks and guarantee food safety.So far, nanjing has not had a single incident of food and beverage supply at quarantine points.In the next step, nanjing market supervision department will continue to strengthen the security of food safety in isolation places, implement strict supervision on the distribution units providing meals for them, increase the investigation and rectification of risks and hidden dangers, strictly check the food safety hidden dangers found in the inspection of quick office, and build a solid food safety defense line for the masses at isolation points.Xinhua Daily all media economic news department produced

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