Full-length legendary novel of the Republic of China “Liyuan Yinhate” 41

The image is from the website amitabha Buddha.Where do you live, madam?””Xi ‘an.”Wang Cuiyin dream also can’t think of before wonderful empty teacher too, is once pestered let Yang Menglong abandoned Baijuxiang.”How young is young lady?””Sixteen.”Miao Empty teacher too pondering, the girl is not Yang Menglong’s daughter, if it is, should be 18 years old.”How many children do you have, ma ‘am?””This daughter,” Wang Cuiyin sighed sadly, as if to herself, “lost a son eighteen years ago.””Amida Buddha.Good, good.Blessed by Buddha, mother and child are reunited.”Master Tai Myokong then recited a great compassion mantra.Just recite the scriptures, Wang Cuiyin put up jade jade pull.Wonderful empty teacher too also want to inquire, do not want Miss Hu Qiuchan ran in, surprised at wonderful empty teacher too, put forward questions.”Teacher, on the bluestone in the pool in front of the nave, where did you get the big footprints?Why are there so many copper coins in the water?””Amida Buddha.The big footprints in the pond, which were left by bifeng’s patriarch.When ordinary people make a wish, they ask bifeng patriarch for blessing. If they make a wish, they have faith. If they don’t make a wish, it is charity.”Miaokong master tai finished, bifeng patriarch legend about a time.Hu Qiuchan was deeply moved after listening to the footprints on the stone to invest money, happily jumped out of the hall.Miao Empty teacher tai, Wang Cuiyin then came to the front of the nave.In a pool of clear water stood a bluestone with a large concave footprint.Hu Qiuchan stood on the edge of the fence built by bricks, clasped her hands and prayed for a while, then took out a silver circle and threw it at the bluestone.A streak of silver light traced an arc, and the silver circle fell onto the stone, turned over, and landed squarely in the footprints.She jumped and clapped her hands as if luck would come at once, and her wishes would come true at once.”He can find mother, he can…”Hu Qiuchan said happily.Wonderful empty teacher tai way: “the young lady is not shallow, when there is a very good fortune.Amida Buddha.”Wang Cuiyin listened to her daughter’s words, not a breath to play, and no intention to say goodbye to miao Empty teacher wife, led her daughter out of the Cloud Ji Temple, riding a carriage back.A burst of vertigo, big acts son hui heart help wonderful empty teacher tai back to rest.She sat cross-legged, her eyes closed, her heart churning.It’s her. It’s her.I have not hated her for a long time. Now I am a foreigner from outside China. Six roots are pure and clean.Count your rosaries and let your thoughts go.After a meal of kung fu, two acts son Huiming home report, she did not reply, see Qin GUI has entered the rear hall, bowing to her.”Master, how are you?””Amida Buddha.Benefacter Qin has come all the way. Nice to meet you.”Wonderful empty teacher too kind and comely face show smile, busy ask him to wash his hands and wipe sweat, let each temple in turn worship Buddha.Go back to the back and ask Nicky to serve tea.Not seeing each other for many years can’t help feeling a lot.Qin GUI also laments, the way out of Yongshou County sing life play, and the disciples injured matters.Wonderful empty teacher too ask its what plan?He said that while it was still going on, he wanted to do three more things.First of all, find the dream of elder brother Yang Menglong to give birth to baby;Second, to find Qin’s biological parents;Third, marry the daughter well, and revenge.Wonderful empty teacher too advise him, yuanyuan phase reported when?After 18 years of carrying a stone around, don’t you feel tired?Let go of what needs to be let go.And let him guess who he saw today?Qin GUI guess can not see other old friends in this.Her story startled him and he asked.”Are you sure?””She took out the jade finger, but also asked the Buddha to bless the eighteen years lost baby.The little girl who follows is exactly the same as she was eighteen years ago.”She answered.”Good heavens!Qin of your very excited, hurriedly get up, “still think scavg iron shoe have no find place, I this chase.””Those who can’t catch up, drive away.”He sighed with regret: “Alas!Take the road today. If we take the road, we’ll meet.She got lost 18 years ago. She must be a big brother.I must find her and ask her why. ‘”Amida Buddha.Don’t worry, qin benefactor. Everything has a destiny.””She soothed.Qin Lanya is collecting clothes, see a wrapped flower scarf of the village woman, carry a package into the temple, thought it was incense, but the woman smiled and nodded to her.I felt familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him.But the woman looked about her warily, and said, He is returning his clothes.It suddenly dawned on her that it was she.The village woman motioned her small voice, Qin Lanya took her into the house.Qin Dongsheng, Cui Chunming recognized at a glance, she is Huaishan guerrilla leader Shen Ying.When Shen Ying listened to Qin Dongsheng’s story about being taken to caotou Mountain, he was very angry and said: “The bandits are too arrogant. Recently they robbed the guerrillas of grain, and Comrade Feng died defending the grain.We’ll settle the score sooner or later.””Put me in, will you?”Qin Dongsheng has a bitter look on his face, and his clever big eyes show a few lines of sorrow.Shen Ying saw Cui Chunming and Qin Lanya laughing and replied: “Of course it has to be included.The guerrillas specialize in attacking those who oppress the suffering.If all the suffering people in the world got together and united as one, they could be wiped out as soon as possible.””We are all suffering people. Can we join the guerrillas?”Mr. Cui asked.”Certainly.We welcome…””But master would never agree.”Cui Chunming shook his head and said, “Wang Yaozu is leading a regiment to attack you. Hurry back to Huai Mountain.”Shen Ying smiled, her big eyes bright with no fear, and continued, “We are not afraid of two regiments.Intelligence had been received and the guerrillas were ready for battle.I just came to see what they were doing.”Cui Chunming respect Shen Ying, thought guerrilla members are all heroes, asked to help them do what?Shen Ying let him help pay more attention to wang Yaozu team.Just then, Qin Lanya saw his father came back, seemed a little nervous.Shen Ying will leave, leaving, and with warmth looked at qin LAN bud, kua she is handsome.Qin Dongsheng, Cui Chunming, Qin Lanya sent her out.Sitting in the hospital big locust tree covered with sweat qin GUI also recognized her, surprised to stand up.Shen Ying prevaricated, said the wick incense.Qin GUI asked her to burn incense elsewhere, so as not to get them to do business also burn incense.”Manager Qin, thank you for your disciples who saved me. They are all good.I’m not gonna hurt you guys.Rest assured!Shen Ying walked out of the Temple and disappeared into the twilight.Qin Lanya patted the dust on his father to give him rice.Qin GUI let don’t worry, regardless of fatigue, excitedly said to everyone, although the journey is far, but the in the mind, like a mystery just said found, found.Qin LAN bud asked him to find what, so happy?He just this wonderful empty teacher too to see the matter to everyone again, said big brother Yang Menglong’s baby looking for hope.

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