1941, northeast bandits rushed tiger, rob 103 widows up the mountain, widows said he was a good man

People hate the war, in the war years, everyone’s life is on tenterside, so are men, let alone weak women.Before the founding of New China, the Chinese people suffered terribly from wars and wars.On Chinese soil, there were not only warlords, bandits, but also Japanese aggressors, and the common people led a very hard life.Today we are going to share a story of that time. The hero is a bandit who robbed 103 widows and was admired by people. What is going on?Speaking of bandits, no one does not hate them, robbing money and color, all kinds of evil, it is a day of anger.In the forties of last century, there were many bandits on this land in China, especially the bandits in northeast China.In 1941, the northeast bandit made another earth-shaking thing, which shocked the whole country for a time. He robbed 103 widows up the mountain. What did he want to do?One day in 1941, on the northeast road, a group of Japanese are escorting a lot of women and children, headed for the Japanese occupation of the town.In the past, there were no roads, mostly dirt roads. This group of devils escorted a group of women through a forest to reach the county seat.But when the devil through the mountains, suddenly rushed up from many bandits, blocked the devil’s way, surrounded in the middle of the devil.After a gunshot, the devil all reimbursed, the rest of the women and children, of course, this group of women are widows, and their husband was killed when the devil village.There were 103 of them.The woman panicked at first, then began to beg the bandits to let her go.But the bandit Chongtianhu ordered that all the widows and children be taken to the mountains.Now the widows began to weep bitterly. It was like going from the jaws of the tiger to the lair of the Wolf.Helpless, in the face of bandits rob widow behavior, no one can resist, had to obey.After the bandits took the widows and children to the mountains, they gathered them together and gave them food and drink, which caused many widows to wonder what their purpose was.The sky tiger shouted, then say their own ideas.Originally, he learned that the Japs would take the widows to the army to do comfort women, and the children were left to be educated by the Japanese aggressors, so that they become the Stooges of the Japanese army.The tiger knows this matter, they sent people robbed the group of widows and children.If all these people were returned to the village, they would have no one to rely on and it would be very difficult to raise children.Of course, the Japanese aggressors would come again to capture them as comfort women.Rescue rescue to the end, so these widows to the bandit shanzhai, easy to be taken care of inside.The widows kowtowed when they knew the truth, how could they not rejoice at the knowledge that they had been saved and that they had hope for the future?Their excitement filled them with respect for the hero before them.The Japanese devil words points two, say that the Japanese devil, learned that the bandit leader will all his soldiers killed, and robbed the widow and children, very angry, they want to revenge.So, in a month later, the Devil sent two divisions of troops, surrounded and attacked shanzhai.In the face of the devil’s siege, the northeast bandits ordered the tiger, let widows and children hide in the cave, the cave is huge, can hold a thousand people.When the widows entered the cave, Chongtianhu told them that no matter what happened outside, do not come out, and wait for a day after no noise outside, can come out.He sent his men to seal up the cave and cover it with branches, and organized his forces to counter the Japanese invaders.People’s commemoration of the battle lasted for three days, and finally, because the bandits were outnumbered, their entire army was wiped out.Afterwards, when the widows came out of the cave and saw the scene outside, they were so shocked that they cried.I saw shanzhai up and down, lying full of bandits’ bodies.No, as far as they’re concerned, these are the bodies of their benefactor.The tiger’s body was hung in a tree, it seems to have suffered countless torture.Although he is a bandit, but do things, but people admire.All the widows praised this good man for sacrificing himself for the safety of his people.In this way, widows to the famous northeast bandit Chutianhu erected a tablet.At the end of the story, in that era of war, everyone’s life is not easy, especially in order to protect the people’s national heroes, is worthy of people’s respect.Although the bandit is hated by people, he is also a Chinese and can resist foreign invaders for the sake of national righteousness, which of course wins the hearts of the people, and people will never forget the hero who fights for the people, no matter what his birth is.Editor’s note: this article is a story based on a real event. the pictures and information are all from the Internet.If there is infringement, please remind to delete.For more exciting content updates, please follow me.

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