Xianning city traffic experimental kindergarten held teacher ethics teacher style oath activity

Xiangcheng City Daily news (correspondent Xu Lin Shi Weixiu) On February 14, Xianning City traffic experimental kindergarten all teachers in advance, ready for the school before the work, for the children into the park to do all the preparatory work.In order to implement the Xianning City Education Bureau “on teachers’ morality teacher style oath system notice”, the park held teachers’ morality teacher style centralized oath activity, participated in the activity of Xianning City traffic experimental kindergarten all the staff and outstanding parents representatives.The oath activity officially began in the solemn national anthem. The teachers stood in neat ranks and all the staff solemnly swore an oath to the national flag. The oath was sonorous and powerful and shook the audience.The atmosphere of the scene affects every teacher, and a high sense of responsibility, mission and honor arises spontaneously from the teachers’ minds.After the oath activity, the teachers signed the “Xianning Traffic experimental kindergarten teachers professional ethics commitment letter”.Deputy principal Luo Yun led all teachers to the “new era of kindergarten teachers professional conduct ten standards” document for a detailed interpretation of learning, and then with the “violation of the ten standards of teacher professional conduct typical cases” in the negative teaching materials to teach the majority of teachers to the case of the Ming discipline, the alarm bell ringing, honest teaching, take warning.Advocate all the teaching staff to tree teacher morality, teacher wind, have awe, know to stop, in education and teaching as.Then, the three teachers combined with their own actual cases to tell the story of ethics, a commitment, a responsibility, an oath, a mission, is the era endowed with the new requirements of ethics.

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