What will happen without Huawei?People should wake up, do not let adhere to the cold

Since 2019, the United States has upgraded its sanctions on Huawei, restricting its trade with the United States and the world in all aspects. Since then, Huawei has been restricted everywhere. European and American countries have also boycotted Huawei, and some countries have begun to dismantle Huawei’s 5G facilities and equipment in their own countries.Many people may have a question: why is Huawei sanctioned by European and American countries?What will happen if China loses Huawei under a sustained crackdown?Chinese people sometimes really should wake up, do not let countless Huawei people stick to the cold.The 21st century is an era of information, from the earliest 2G, 3G, 4G to the present 5G has changed our way of life.In addition to the application of 5G technology in communication technology, it can also be used in medical treatment, exploration, smart home, intelligent unmanned driving system and other aspects.If a country is the first to make a breakthrough in 5G technology, then this will bring huge revenue.It can be said that 5G technology indirectly or even directly affects a country’s economic environment.So if a country loses the initiative in the 5G market, it will have to adopt standards, technical support and organizational structures developed by other countries.Huawei is exactly the leader of 5G technology in the world. The United States and other European and American countries believe that the use of Huawei technology in their own countries will bring risks to their national defense and security, so the United States has fortified Huawei layer upon layer since 2008, restricting and suppressing huawei’s development.The importance of Huawei to China Huawei is well known for its mobile phone business. However, Huawei is not a simple mobile phone manufacturer. It is actually a high-tech company.Huawei, for example, has made a major breakthrough in lidar technology, which is known to be a key component in self-driving cars or drones, the equivalent of driverless eyes.But before this technology is always in the hands of big countries such as Europe and the United States, Chinese enterprises can only buy from abroad, foreign prices are wild, if Huawei’s laser radar technology is mature, then will give Chinese enterprises reduce a lot of expenses.In addition, Huawei is the only company in China that develops its own chips. The so-called chip maker wins the world. If an enterprise or even a country can master the development technology of semiconductor chips, it is equivalent to grasping the lifeblood of mobile communication technology.It is Huawei’s breakthrough in chip technology that will change the landscape of the world’s semiconductor chip industry.This made the United States feel threatened, and after 2020, the United States further upgraded its pressure on Huawei. It revised the rules on chips twice, and officially implemented the ban on chips until September 15. The United States prohibited chip manufacturers from producing chips for Huawei.But no company in the world wants to end its cooperation with Huawei, but most of them are forced to do so under pressure from the US.Now Huawei is not only under pressure in the chip field, but also more or less under sanctions in other areas.Under the siege of Europe and the United States and other countries, Huawei transformed into independent research and development, giving Huawei new vitality.Huawei has launched the Hongmeng operating system and HMS services, and announced that they are free to use.While its handset business may be suffering from chip shortages, Huawei is still the world leader in other areas.Many people noticed that when the iPhone 13 came out last year, the price was reduced by several hundred yuan, which caused a large number of Chinese to buy it.But this is actually a conspiracy. Apple’s price reduction is actually to better open the domestic market and seize the share of Huawei and even other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the huge mobile phone market in China, which is also a disguised sanction against domestic mobile phone manufacturers.Finally, Huawei is not only a mobile phone manufacturer, its 5G technology and other high and new technologies are an important pillar for China to become a scientific and technological power. If Huawei fails, it will turn to other Enterprises in China.We are not calling on you to buy Huawei products, but we hope that you can support Huawei in its most difficult times, so that you do not feel cold in return.

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