Three stay up late is also worth chasing the net, blood is not sluggish, after watching can come three times

Babies, don’t be afraid of the book shortage these days!Dear me, I am frantically scanning books to prepare a list of excellent books for you. As a senior fan, it is not recommended if it is not fine books.Beautiful words remember to collect not lost yo.Today is recommended to you: three stay up late is also worth chasing the net, warm blood not procrastinative, after watching can come three times.The first book: “Pirate world no savior” author: half a bowl of braised pork in brown sauce introduction: this is a hand does not have the strength of the male protagonist in the pirate world with language weapons armed pirates thought of the story.Male master because modern man constitution hand does not have strength chicken!I have no strength in my hands!I have no strength in my hands!Guide to the Pit: A large number of shells are delivered to Leo.This is how Leo checks bay in front of everyone.Even a man with little mechanical knowledge could see the use of these shells.Gentiens began to pick up the shellfish and examine them carefully.To tell the truth, pirates with strategic vision of the people are a minority.Like straw hat pirate group, they came to empty island, after a bloody battle, more like with some specialty shellfish down.What should have been a quick boost to Usop’s fighting power didn’t turn out to be the straw Hat Bandit’s strength.Among other things, Jabbar is an extremely powerful fighting force when he is dexterous and equipped with percussion shells when his fur is enhanced, capable of striking out in an instant.As for Ussop, even if he didn’t make a firearm out of a wind shell, his sniping accuracy made it almost as good as a high-precision sniper rifle: Ussop’s use of the sniping shell at critical moments was almost as good as Sauron’s.Unfortunately, no one in the straw Hat crew saw this.But Leo is not the same, he attaches great importance to these shells, because of his attitude, but also let the pirate revolutionary army attaches great importance to up.”Van Oka, go and remove a barrel.”When Leo was talking about it, Michal and Van Occa weren’t sleepy. Ow.They two instant spirit up, apparently they two people have also seen the wind bay in this aspect of the application.They were the two most serious and understanding snipers that day.It was understanding the original mechanics of a gun that allowed the two of them to see exactly what Leo was thinking.(Click below to read for free) the second book: “Xian Qin multiverse Empire” author: Mr. Xiong Er Introduction: political brother niubi!This is a political elder brother accidentally obtained the great luo tian fragments, to ten thousand bound to bring Qin Law, restore order to the days, the book with text, car with track, unified currency weights and measures of the story.One day, I will plant the black water dragon flag of The Great Qin dynasty in every corner of the heaven and the world.Your Majesty, your…Guide to getting into the pit: “Four people” means one day and one night. Ying Zheng listens carefully and sometimes gives some suggestions.At this point, the initial framework is settled.Among the four items of mind, body, qi and spirit, the other three items besides body have also had a general context.As for the body, Ying Zheng already had a candidate.Perhaps other people can not, but under the help of Ying Zheng a national art repair can be called transcendent saint, has been reached to the unprecedented after the territory of tang Zichen can not?The brightness and shade of Dangang god are clearly divided into six realms. In Ying zheng’s opinion, every feather of the strength can not fall and no fly can be added, so he is not inferior to the congenital master.I’m talking about mental states, mental states, not actual combat.As for those who thoroughly master the subconscious of the body and the movement of every organization or even every cell, they are no less powerful than the supreme grand master of the true qi and wu dao in the realm of mind.The reason why they are not so powerful, not because the realm is not enough but limited by the whole world.Just like Zhang Sanfeng who relies on the world, can you say that his realm of tai Chi is low?Even if the north dark son in the past, with the way also dare not say that he is stronger than Zhang Sanfeng.But what about combat effectiveness?Even his disciple, Zhang Sanfeng, could not beat him.Even in Ying Zheng’s opinion, if Tang Zicheng is allowed to enter the world of Yang God, she must be a figure like the ancient princes, who read books to nourish their spirits and survive seven thunderstorms at the critical moment in one breath to become a creator.Would Tang Zichen refuse the empire’s invitation?(click below free reading) the third book: “all attributes of the martial arts” author: Mo Into the river’s lake introduction: space and time crack connected different world, martial arts era comes!No future without martial arts?Fortunately, there is a pick up attribute system, others will drop attributes, sad touch pick up!What, can you hit monsters with stats?So…You beat a kendo genius, fall,…You pick it up, improve your understanding, and gain a junior kendo talent!You defeat a dao genius, fall,…You pick it up, learn a rare sword skill, and understand the meaning of the killing knife, you become super fierce!You beat a physical genius, fall,…You picked it up, learned a top refining body skills, walked the dog excrement luck actually won the heavenly constitution holy blood bully body, won the title of god!Someone killed a terror beast, fell,…You secretly pick it up and accidentally gain the psychic talent, which gives you eyes comparable to 24 K titanium dog eyes and a blank attribute that you can add at will!…You have defeated countless opponents in your life, and suddenly one day, you cut innocent gods and demons passing by with a sword, and accidentally cut the Star River into two parts while practicing knives at home. Small fists and blows the sun with a hammer, making the world fall into darkness…Originally, you already invincible!!Guide to the pit: Wang Teng suddenly a shock.He patted his forehead, how foolish he had been to think of it till now.This is the mother crow looking for her whelp!”I go, I say what hatred what resentment, must kill me, I became a child abductor!”Wang Teng speechless thinking.”But how did the strength of those two warriors steal the baby from under the eyes of that monstrous raven?””Probably not in any particular way, but when the giant crows were out foraging.””Well, it’s all for nothing.”Wang Teng shook his head, suddenly glad.”Thanks to the mysterious warrior, otherwise this is really eternal hatred, even if I did not steal the egg, it is in my hands, if not to me, who else can be rushed to?””…Wait, is there any attribute bubble left from the blade the warrior cut?””Damn, that’s the attribute bubble of the strong!”Giant crow attribute bubble already let him taste the sweet head, that mysterious strong if fall, is not even more cattle force.Wang Teng quickly turned the car, according to memory, toward the building where the source of the knife awn quickly galloped away.(Click below to read for free.) That’s it for today’s picks. What are some of the best novels you’ve read?Look forward to your comments in the comments section, oh, good things to share with you.Highlights of past three novel as a long time but still end, had been millions of book club after reading, scoring 9.8 points the accompany huan, pet house, she is always his heart yeah, can’t love her because she finally malicious heart three novel set lets a person shine at the moment, with great creative and fine grain don’t miss the three article see chapters fondle admiringly, plot smooth rhythm light bright,Stay up late also want to chase after “the eldest child” after rebirth she is no longer the chess piece that let a person manipulate!Plan the destruction of the heart in the invisible

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