Registration for 2022 Strong Foundation Program has started!What should I pay attention to in the 16 Steps?

Registration for the 2022 Strong Foundation Program is now open!The earliest universities basically start on April 6, 2022, and typically end on April 30, 2022.So how exactly should sign up?And what matters should be paid attention to?This paper takes the application process of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2021 as an example for your reference.1, be sure to register the start and end time, each school will be different, will be accurate to the time, avoid missing the registration!2, sign up to use a computer browser, try to use Google or Firefox and IE9 above the browser, to avoid the problem of not opening the web page or jump to.In addition, we must make sure that our registered mobile phone number must be available to ensure that the subsequent account can be retrieved or answered the admission phone.3, different provinces choose courses according to their own situation, we must see clearly the choice, to avoid the follow-up and the college entrance examination does not match the situation.4, colleges and universities will present in the source of students in the province to carry out the recruitment of professional, must remember, ultimately whether you can sign up mainly depends on your registration system, there will be a professional in your province does not recruit students.5, enter the “professional volunteer fill in” patiently wait for 15s, understand the registration instructions and registration conditions, mainly the content of the brochure and the deadline for registration special attention again.6, enter the examination conditions as long as meet any one of the above can, there are competition awards must check the conditions of the exception.If not, just go with the first category.7, there will be a more thoughtful design is to confirm the no exception option again, just click “no” can be done!8. If you have an award that is exceptional, you have made a mistake. Click “Yes” in this area and fill in your award information.9, about whether your award is true or false, or whether it conforms to, after you apply for the system will automatically identify, if there is no query, it is generally not consistent, if there is any objection to contact the certificate issued by the unit to verify.10. Shanghai Jiao Tong University does not have additional information, but for example, tsinghua University and Beihang University will require 800-1000 words of personal statement in 2021. Therefore, it is suggested that you can prepare in advance in 2022, because additional information will be needed in future interview test regardless of whether it is needed.11, the choice of major will have a certain impact on the requirements of the selection of subjects, a small part of the impact of the competition awards, so only need to meet the conditions to choose.12, can choose the professional, you most need to pay attention to is the final choice of whether to obey the professional adjustment, if you just want to strong base plan to blunt, and just want a specific professional, then the suggestion is not to obey the adjustment, on the contrary, you can choose to obey the adjustment.13, finally presented the Shanghai Jiao Tong University strong base plan volunteer form, at this time must determine the appropriate above information, whether there are mistakes or mistakes, or can go back to the front of the modification.If not, then you can click I have read and know the relevant requirements!The key step is coming. Be sure to download the PDF volunteer form. Don’t think this is the end!15. Only after downloading, printing and signing can you upload it. It is suggested to use scanning, because there will be some problems such as lighting when taking photos.Special special attention, in previous years, there was no upload after the parents signed the situation, must not think that their signature is over, must see the system has “completed”!16. After clicking save, “Registration completed” will appear. After confirming your application, if you want to change it, you need to enter the “Basic Information” page and click “Cancel registration”.Those are the 16 steps to sign up for the Strong Foundation program. Are you clear?Leave me a comment if you have any questions about whether to sign up for the Strong Base program and the new changes for the strong Base Program in 2022. Check out my previous articles.I wish every student can achieve what they wish, jin Bang title!Want to know more information, welcome to pay attention to!Help students grasp multiple opportunities for higher education, low score high!Thanks for your attention, forwarding, comments and likes!

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