Lanshan County carried out the urban management volunteer service activity of “Everyone participates in urban management, enjoys fun and civilized Yuanxiao”

Rednet moment February 17 news (correspondent Connie Xu) February 15, Lanshan County federation of trade unions, county Youth League committee, women’s federation and other units in the Middle of the Tower feng road jointly carried out “everyone to participate in the city management, enjoy the joy of civilization Lantern Festival” as the theme of the city management volunteer service activities.Event, the staff in the form of prize quiz activities, around the “urban management promotion year” the knowledge production lantern riddles, suspension respectively in west tower peak four traffic lights and xiang yue road intersection crossroads waiting area, and wait for traffic lights crowd interested looked up, lantern riddle variety, content includes transportation, the civilization etiquette, etc.,It is both entertaining and informative.Faced with the numerous puzzles in front of us, passers-by were interested in reading the puzzles carefully, some of them were absorbed in thinking, some of them were discussing with each other, and those who thought out the correct answer would answer the questions in the staff’s office to receive the prize, and put forward their own suggestions for the city management action of Blue Mountain County.Answer answer to the masses face dew joy, the scene laughter, a lively and peaceful.This activity, the Lantern Festival and the formation of “urban management promotion year” civilization big action work, recreation, with a prize quiz answer this interactive activities, to make the general public learn more about learning the health behavior, promoting urban management work of the propaganda popularization effect, to further promote the whole social forces to participate in city management,We will create a sound environment in which everyone participates and everyone participates in joint management, making new and greater contributions to the improvement of urban management.

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