4-2!Africa Cup of Nations new champion is born!Senegal won the first cup, manet missed a point and scored the winner

Senegal beat Egypt 4-2 on penalties to win the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations for the first time on Sunday.Mane missed a penalty in the first seven minutes but redeemed himself by scoring at the end of the shoot-out.Egypt reached the final by taking extra time or penalties in three consecutive knockout matches, while Seneca won three consecutive knockout matches and was physically superior.Senegal have beaten both sides in their last two meetings, with Mane and Salah in Liverpool’s civil war as Senegal reach the final of the second successive African Cup of Nations and are bidding for their first ever title.Just seven minutes into the game, abdelmonem fouled Djibouti Assis in the penalty area and the referee punished him. Before mane took the penalty, Salah gave his goalkeeper a face shot that was saved by Gabbar.Liverpool thigh waste golden opportunity.In the 28th minute, Salah found his foot in the area, but pharaoh’s left-footed effort was saved by Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy.The 43rd minute, Elneny pass, Salah inside the penalty area left foot attack door was saved.Senegal stepped up their attack in the second half, with Geye finishing in succession but his volley was saved by Gabbar.Dedesio missed a good chance in the 56th minute when his shot from close range inside the penalty area was blocked by Mendy.As time went on, the two teams played more and more cautiously. After all, in the final, no one wants to concede the first goal.90 minutes of regular time, the two sides 0-0 stalemate, the game went to extra time, it is worth mentioning that Egypt’s four consecutive knockout matches played extra time.Senegal were the more positive side in extra time, with Diallo and Diame finishing but still unable to break through gabbar’s goal.Salah was limited and failed to get a shot on goal in the 30 minutes of extra time as the result was 0-0 and the game went to penalties.In the penalty shootout, Abdelmonem, Egypt’s second pick, hit the post with his penalty kick bouncing off, but Saar’s penalty kick was also saved, sending the two sides back to the same starting line.Chelsea keeper Mendi Fawe saved a shot from Rasheen and manet redeemed himself with a penalty at the end of the crucial fifth round as Senegal beat Egypt 4-2 and clinched their first African Cup of Nations title.

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