The 018 drawing result of bichromatic ball, two bets 10 million won, the prize pool rolled over 1.61 billion yuan

Beijing time on the evening of February 20, 2022, China Welfare lottery double color ball game ushered in the 18th drawing of this year, so countless lottery people have long expected the dream of the prize will be fulfilled today?Let’s take a look at the official lottery details just released!The drawing numbers of the 2022018 two-color ball are: red ball 07, 11, 16, 17, 2 and blue ball 16.The size ratio of the red ball numbers is 3:3, the three-zone ratio is 2:2:2, the parity ratio is 3:3, and the total value is 113, the size spacing is 25, the shape of the big number is 30 32, the side number is 07, the end number is 07 17, the continuous number is 16, the blue ball is 16, the big even number missing 8.In this period, the total sales volume of double color ball nationwide is 392 million yuan. The first prize opens 2 notes, and the flowers fall in Tianjin and Hunan. The single note bonus is 10 million yuan, the second prize opens 178 notes, the single note bonus is 169,000 yuan, the third prize opens 914 notes, the single note bonus is 3,000 yuan, the final prize opens more than 8.89 million notes, each note bonus is 5 yuan.After the counting, the prize pool has 1.612 billion yuan rolled over to the 019 drawing, at least 322 yuan 5 million can be drawn, 2 yuan investment can be up to 10 million yuan prize.Finally, congratulations on all the lucky winners of today’s prize, but also remind the friends who have not completed the prize wish, there is nothing wrong with having a good prize dream, which day was accidentally realized, but when pursuing dreams, we must do what we can and follow the fate.

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