Original God version 2.5 preview special trailer

Hello, travelers, it’s time to preview a Special on Paramount.<On February 4th (Friday) at 20:00 PM, “The Original God” version 2.5 preview special will be launched. The symphony concert special of “The Original God” will be launched after the preview special of version 2.5!Meanwhile, the special will be broadcast on the following 13 platforms:B station live broadcast, Douyu live broadcast, Tiger tooth live broadcast, penguin e-sports live broadcast, Kuaofan live broadcast, Douyin live broadcast, Weibo live broadcast, wechat video number live broadcast, 4399 live broadcast, Baidu Post bar live broadcast, good swim fast broadcast, LOFTER live broadcast and small red book live broadcast, welcome travelers to watch!Visitors are welcome to visit the official weibo account of The Original God to participate in the demo of “Entanglement ×10” characters of the Original God
“Zhong Li: The Listener” character demonstration of The Original God
“Sweet Rain: Time in my Dream” EP
The Joy of leisure and elegance, The Original God EP
The trail of fairy Zeller

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