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The Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council just held a press conference.Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the DISEASE control and Prevention Bureau of the NHC, said at the meeting that the NHC has started to strengthen the sequential immunization with the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council.Previously, target people aged 6 months and over 18 years old who received inactivated vaccines from Sinopagic Sinopagic Beijing co., LTD., Sinopagic Wuhan Co., LTD., or adenovirus vector vaccines from Tianjin Concino Co., LTD., could receive a dose of secondary homologous enhanced immunization, that is, the original vaccine was strengthened.After the implementation of the sequential enhanced immunization strategy, the target population that has completed the whole vaccination of the three inactivated vaccines mentioned above can also choose the recombinant protein vaccine of Zhiphirongoma or the adenovirus vector vaccine of Concino for sequential enhanced immunization.For the target population, either homologous booster immunization or sequential booster immunization can be selected.In addition, the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council also approved homologous enhanced immunization of novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccines from Shenzhen Kangtai Company and the Institute of Biology of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.Both homologous booster and sequential booster should be implemented in people over 18 years of age who have completed the full course of vaccination for at least 6 months.Research data show that both homologous and sequential strengthening of immunization can further improve the immunization effect. It is hoped that people who meet the vaccination conditions can take the initiative to vaccinate and vaccinate early, so as to improve their health and fuel the epidemic prevention.How to Understand homology and Sequence:How do I do it?Experts answered questions in depth on issues of public concern.What is Homologous Booster Immunization?Homologous booster vaccination refers to the use of vaccines on the same technical route as primary immunization.In the case of the novel coronavirus vaccine, if two doses of the inactivated vaccine have been given before and booster shots are given with the inactivated vaccine, it is called “homologous booster vaccination.”What is sequential booster immunization?Sequential booster immunization refers to the use of vaccines with a different technical route from primary immunization.For example, if two doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine have been given before, and subsequent booster shots have been given with any other non-inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, it is considered as “sequential booster vaccination”.At present, there are two combinations of sequential immunization: inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) with two doses of basic immunization + recombinant protein vaccine (CHO cell) with one dose of enhanced immunization;Inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) 2 doses of basic immunization + 1 dose of adenovirus vector vaccine to enhance immunity.3. Which groups of people can be immunized sequentially?The sequential enhanced immunization is for people aged 18 and above who have received the novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopagic Beijing, Sinopagic Beijing and Sinopagic Wuhan for over 6 months and have not completed the homologous enhanced immunization.Iv. How safe is sequential immunization?Available data indicate that both sequential booster immunization regimens can significantly increase the level of neutralizing antibodies in recipients with good safety.V. Can sequential booster immunization be given to people over 60 years old?Older persons over 60 years of age are at high risk of novel Coronavirus infection.People over 60 years old who meet the requirements for sequential booster immunization can choose sequential booster immunization.6. Is COVID-19 vaccination free of charge under the sequential enhanced immunization programme?At present, the sequential strengthening of immunization is free of charge.People who meet the requirements of sequential booster immunization can choose recombinant protein vaccine or adenovirus vector vaccine and receive 1 dose of booster vaccination free of charge.7. What should be paid attention to when receiving booster shots of COVID-19 vaccine?Before vaccination, according to the previous vaccination certificate, confirm whether they are 18 years old or above and whether they have completed basic immunization for more than 6 months.During vaccination, students should bring their identification documents and vaccination certificates, and take good personal protection according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and cooperate with on-site vaccination staff to inquire and register.After inoculation, observe the site for 30 minutes, keep the skin clean and avoid scratching the inoculation site.Eight, have been vaccinated “strengthening needle”, still can carry on sequential strengthening immunity?The target population can freely choose to carry out homologous booster immunization with the original technical route vaccine, or choose to carry out sequential booster immunization with different technical route vaccine, but cannot receive sequential booster immunization and homologous booster immunization at the same time.Repeat vaccination is not required for people who have completed the “booster” vaccination with inactivated vaccine.• End • Source: CCTV News
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