Do you know how much tea you should drink every day?

Tea is often seen in our daily life, drinking tea is a healthy way of life, thirsty to drink tea, guests to serve tea, has become the habit of most people.Since ancient times, Chinese tea culture is extensive and profound, and everyone has a deep love for tea. Emperor Qianlong is also a tea lover in history, who has visited the South of the Yangtze River to taste tea many times.Many people like drinking tea, drinking all afternoon, think that drinking tea is also drinking water, compared with plain water is tasteless, tea leaves fragrant and healthy, so almost every day “to tea instead of water”, but in fact, tea should be measured, drinking wrong is actually harmful to the body.Drinking tea should be measured. If you don’t drink the right amount, it will harm your health. How much tea should you drink every day?A healthy adult needs to consume 2000-2500 milliliters of water every day to maintain the body’s normal metabolism. Through normal diet, such as water in vegetable soup, 600-800 milliliters of water can be obtained, and the rest needs to be obtained by drinking tea or drinking water.The average adult should drink no more than 12 grams of tea every day, 150 ml of water can brew 3 grams of tea, 12 grams of tea can be brewed three to four times, so if you drink tea all day, you can drink up to four or five cups of tea every day, if it is a large amount of labor can be increased a little.In addition, there is a particular time for brewing tea, you know?Many tea friends often make a pot of tea for a whole day. Once they make a pot of tea, they will continue to renew the water and repeat the whole day.In fact, different kinds of tea, brewing time is also different, only the brewing time is appropriate to achieve the best taste, tea after a long time of immersion, will lose the taste of the tea itself.Just began to brew the tea tea is the most strong, time is too long, huge loss of nutrients in the tea soup will be, I was fast running out in the end, when we make tea at ordinary times, we will try to follow the principle of 2 minutes of soaking, to make sweet and tea astringency to achieve a good balance, more than this time, an indication could become too obvious.In addition, a cup of tea can be made several times, there are also pay attention to the tea making habits of each tea friend are different, some people like to brew twice before starting to change the tea leaves, some tea friends in order to avoid waste, do not change the tea leaves for a whole day, in fact, these two methods, are not very appropriate.Different tea leaves have different standards, but from the perspective of the nutrients dissolved in the tea soup, half of the nutrients can be leaching out of the tea soup at the first brewing, and the tea flavor is the strongest at the first brewing.To the third brewing, nutrients left about 10%, more than three times, there are almost no nutrients left, so a cup of tea, usually brewing three times is better, if the raw material is mature tea fermentation degree is deep, you can brew several times.According to the above, we should know that drinking tea must be appropriate, do not take too much, drinking too much tea will cause excessive water in the body, there is a certain amount of good for the body, everything in moderation, drinking tea with light is the best way to drink tea.Here are some simple tea drinks that are suitable for the public.1. Tieguanyin Tieguanyin tea belongs to Oolong tea, one of the six types of tea, and is the representative of Oolong tea. In the production process, it adopts a unique process of making green tea, which is between black tea and green tea, and is made by semi-fermentation method.Tieguanyin appeared in the Qing Dynasty, characterized by elegant fragrance like orchids, strong fragrance, never tire of smell;The mesophyle is very thick, the buds of Tieguanyin are purplish red, the leaves are dark green, the taste is light, the tip of the tongue is slightly sweet, it is the best oolong tea.2. Blue chi chrysanthemum tea kaifeng city known as the chrysanthemum as history, because of its geographical location features, especially suitable for the growth of chrysanthemum, so kaifeng with thousands of species of chrysanthemum varieties, including green chi chrysanthemum is the high-quality goods in kaifeng chrysanthemum, according to the record, it was in the northern song dynasty when the tribute of being reserved for the emperor drinking, flowers smooth, it’s big and thick petals, with root trenchant rootOne can soak a cup, very beautiful.And the brewing method is simple, take a dry chrysanthemum into the cup, add boiling water and stuffy for five minutes, with the natural fragrance of chrysanthemum, fresh and pleasant, both men and women are very suitable, especially those who often use eyes, stay up late, as well as middle-aged and elderly people to drink more.People who hear about this tea for the first time may think it is white tea. In fact, Anji white tea belongs to the class of green tea. The fragrance or fragrance is one of the characteristics of Anji white tea, whether after brewing or dried tea, the fragrance is high and lasting.Anji white tea is straight in shape and green in color. As green tea, it gives full play to the characteristics of green tea, tastes fresh and refreshing, and has the unique quality of green tea.Brew after drinking, gan and shengjin, lips and teeth stay sweet.All the content shared in this article can be discussed in the comments section.

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