Qingming Festival holiday in most parts of the country sunny little rain, north China is expected to enter spring

The China Meteorological Administration held a press conference on April 1.According to introduction, tomb-sweeping Day holiday (April 3-5), most parts of the country to sunny or cloudy weather, north and south will be warmer;Although it has been raining frequently in Southern China recently, it will no longer rain heavily during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday.With the exception of some rain and snow in the southwest, most parts of the country will enjoy calm weather for the holidays.Since the end of March, cold air has frequently affected the temperature in various parts of the country, and most of the south continues to rain.The Qingming Festival (April 3-5) is approaching, and the weather in China will be at a turning point: the rain in many parts of southern China will stop and clear up, while the temperature in northern China will rise to a new high.Min Yuqiu, a weather analyst with Chinweather.com, said that during the Qingming Festival holiday this year, both cold and warm air will calm down. The temperature will rise steadily and there will be no large-scale precipitation. Most parts of The country will enjoy calm weather rarely seen in recent days.Throughout the holiday, except for some rainy and snowy weather in the southwest, most of the other parts of the south of the rain receded and ushered in the rain interval.According to the national Meteorological Center’s latest forecast, the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday (April 3-5) will be sunny or cloudy in most parts of The country, with rainy or snowy weather in Sichuan, eastern Tibet, southern Qinghai, northern Guizhou and northern Yunnan.Light rain or snow hit central and western Sichuan, east Tibet, southeast Qinghai and southwest Xinjiang on April 3, said Wang Yawei, deputy director of the Emergency relief, Disaster reduction and public services department of the China Meteorological Administration.On April 4, light rain or sleet hit central and southern Sichuan, eastern Tibet, northern Yunnan, northern Guizhou and southern Chongqing, with moderate to heavy rain and partial torrential rain in some parts of southeastern Tibet.Light snow or sleet will hit southern Qinghai, southwestern Xinjiang, northern Heilongjiang and northeastern Inner Mongolia.On April 5, light rain or sleet hit western and southern Sichuan, eastern Tibet, northern Yunnan and most of Guizhou, with moderate to heavy rain and partial torrential rain in some parts of southeastern Tibet.Southeast Xinjiang, south Qinghai have small to medium snow.Temperatures in many parts of north China will hit record highs, and the Qingming Festival holiday is expected to start in North And South China.After the holidays, winter clothes can be put away.Reporters learned from the press conference that after this round of cold air, most parts of the country will enter the ranks of rapid warming, among which the average temperature in most parts of northern China is higher than the same period of the year by 1 ~ 3℃, some higher than 4℃, the highest temperature is generally above 20℃, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang and other places are expected to break 30℃.In northern China, it became clear before tomb-sweeping Day, and temperatures picked up faster during the holiday, according to Chinweather.com.During the holiday, it is expected that the highest temperature in many places will set new highs. For example, the highest temperature in Beijing will enter 20℃ on the first day of the holiday, and it will continue to rise in the following two days, reaching 24℃ on the 5th day.Since March 29, a group of cold air has arrived, resulting in the late arrival of spring.According to Zhang Juan, meteorologist of China Weather Network, due to frequent cold air recently, the process of entering spring has been stalled, but in the middle and middle of March, many places in the middle and east are unusually warm, and the process of entering spring is fast, so the current range of spring is not smaller than the same period of the year.Spring is expected in north China as temperatures rise in most parts of the country during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday.Wang warned that during the Qingming Festival, there is little rainfall and high temperatures in most parts of the country, and more sacrificial tomb sweeping, outing and farming activities should be prevented from possible fire hazards.In addition, the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southwest China, the northern part of Heilongjiang province and the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia will have rain and snow, so it is necessary to prevent the adverse impact on traffic, and local authorities should pay attention to prevent landslides, mudslides and other disasters caused by heavy rainfall.Beijing News reporter Wang Jingxi edited by Bai Shuang proofread by Wang Xin

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