Kindergarten charge delay class, you can sign up for it, parents think it is repeated charges

Compared with primary and secondary schools, kindergarten is more troublesome, mainly because kindergarten finishes school earlier than primary and secondary schools, and parents who normally go to work cannot have time to pick them up anyway.One remedy is to set up after-school delay classes, which allow parents who cannot afford to pick up their children after work, similar to the 5+2 delay service in primary and secondary schools.Of course, not all kids need this kind of delay service, and families with elderly help or parents with flexible commutes don’t need it.Most kindergartens offer after-school classes on a voluntary basis, allowing parents to choose freely to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or troubles.Recently, parents of Kangle Kindergarten in Yuzhong District of Chongqing received a notice from the kindergarten that the kindergarten opened six interest classes this semester, and parents can choose to sign up according to their needs.The fee standard is: English 179 yuan, art 198 yuan, language 330 yuan, dance 160 yuan, abacus 140 yuan, the above fees are the total cost of a semester, of which the delay class, English is required to register the course.For the garden side of this notice, some parents said that this belongs to repeated charges.Chongqing Education Commission’s Notice on Further Standardizing the Management of Kindergarten fees clearly stipulates that kindergartens are strictly prohibited from charging fees under their own names.Obviously, these parents believe that the charge for the delayed class is also a charge for another purpose, which is contrary to the provisions of the education commission. Some parents even plan to complain to the local education commission about the violation of the kindergarten.According to the regulations, kindergarten does not belong to the nine-year compulsory education.About after-school delay charge problem, each district policy is different, and does not have a unified view.For example, hefei education Bureau rules that after-school delay fees for kindergartens can be negotiated between the kindergarten and parents, with a maximum of 120 yuan per month for public kindergartens and 150 yuan per month for private kindergartens.For this problem, Ningbo city provides that kindergartens should guarantee nine and a half hours of time in the park, and if the time exceeds this time, service fees can be appropriately charged.Basically, although there is no very clear provision, the mainstream opinion of local governments is that on the basis of ensuring normal park time, delayed service fees can be appropriately charged.This is not a double charge.L Whether it is compulsory to charge recreation kindergarten for delayed service charge standard is very clear, in addition to English is mandatory, other subjects are all voluntary, and there is no mandatory provision that parents must participate in delayed service.Some parents worry that if they don’t sign up, they will be treated differently by teachers, and may even isolate their children in kindergarten, giving teachers ideas about their children.There are also parents think that this kind of fee service does not clearly stipulate the time of class, such as the class time of interest classes in the last semester is at noon, do not sign up children simply have no place to go.For this problem, the park made it clear that classes for interest will start after school.Children who do not attend are picked up by their parents, and teachers cannot discriminate between children who do not attend classes.As can be seen from the charging standard, the fee for English is 179 yuan per semester, while the most expensive language is only 330 yuan, which lasts 4-5 months per semester, with an average of about 40 yuan per month.That’s about 2 yuan a day.This cost has been quite low, and the market interest class costs are not comparable at all.Obviously, such fees are not likely to make teachers treat children differently, but more symbolic fees, used to supplement teachers’ overtime pay.Even if such fees, the park is not mandatory for all parents to attend, parents can make a choice according to their own actual situation.It is not easy to delay the service for kindergarten children. It is quite difficult for these young children to wait for several hours in kindergarten with nothing to do.The purpose of the after-school classes is to give these kids something to grab their attention and learn something at the same time.This is completely different from learning in advance or learning in advance. From the perspective of the courses, it can be clearly seen that more students are interested in English, and even English is mostly carried out in the way of games.The problem with parents is that they think too much, they worry too much, and they are not willing to pay a small price for services.In a sense, such conflicts are hard to reconcile.Kindergarten does not belong to 9-year compulsory education, whether public kindergartens or private kindergartens will charge corresponding fees, but the fee standard is different, parents can choose the right kindergarten according to their own situation.Similarly, parents have the right to choose the charging standard for after-school delay service. You can choose to accept it or not.Some parents want to choose to accept, but also want to free, this is the root of the problem.

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