They turn adversity into what they want it to be

Li Cuili, 40, a rural woman, wants to provide a good learning environment for her daughter.Convert the concession stand into a bookstore.Once questioned, ridiculed, cheated, adversity in her never give up, more and more frustrated more brave, now she gets eight party support, charity bookstore to the end.Yue Eldest brother, 44, from Henan province, has been on the road to find his son since his son went missing in 2020. Since then, he has traveled half of the country and worked countless odd jobs. The burden of life did not overwhelm him.Zhang Guimei, 65 years old, teacher, daughter and husband died one after another, the illness tortured this thin woman, but she is more and more determined to study the road of teaching, never give up.Three ordinary and extraordinary life, in the face of adversity they choose to move forward bravely.Adversity is like a seed in the sun, struggling to absorb nutrients and light and then beginning to sprout.Shakespeare noted in As You Like It that adversity has its advantages, like the ugly poisonous toad that wears precious jewels on his head.No one likes adversity, but there are three little-known benefits of adversity.The strength to stand up in the face of adversity in life, challenge to discover their potential, potential to change our original concept.Karen Keller and Stephen Hawking, for example, have experienced adversity before pursuing new goals in life.Second, interpersonal relationship filter is not as good as the icing on the cake, interpersonal relationship can do the help of friends in the snow.As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.Families in distress, often seen in the news, need all the help they can get.Do they really have no friends or relatives to tide them over?In fact, it is not, but the reality that the suffering is flying, and few people are willing to help.After a trauma, priorities change, attitudes and ways of thinking about other people and things change.This is why patients become Buddhists after recovering from serious illnesses and become slow after experiencing changes.The people and things that mattered to me have changed rapidly.Of course, the circumstances of adversity are very different, the timing of adversity and the people they face are very different, so it is inappropriate to generalize.If you have to put a limit on adversity, consider three things.It’s better when you’re young than when you’re old.The object should be suitable, only with abundant psychological resources can we face the challenge.It should be moderate, but not severe enough to cause post-traumatic stress disorder.To discuss the benefits of adversity is not to look forward to it, but to change your perspective when you have to encounter it.If you can’t keep it away, why not make it your own.

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